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Engineer + Writer + Tsinghua Being = Jason Kang

About Me

Hi All, I am Kang Wee Shuien (Jason) from Malaysia. I love writing about Engineering News, Education and to a further extent, Geopolitics.

Currently, I am working as Project Engineer based in Singapore and writing is indeed my favorite hobby. In the past, I did volunteer to write articles for a few platforms and even for my former tertiary institution, Tsinghua University.

Please approach me for information if you are interested to invite me to be part of your writing project. 

Do follow my medium blog for more insights on Engineering News and Education. 

Medium Link: https://medium.com/@jasonkang92 

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

5 Tips to Get Yourself Admitted and Secure Scholarships (Full/Partial) to Pursue a Master’s Degree a

This article is about sharing my 5 tips on how to get admitted and secure scholarships to pursue Master's Degree in Tsinghua University.


How Much Do You Know On The High-Speed Train From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok?

This article explains the detailed mechanism of the high-speed rail project between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. It encompasses three parts which are Introduction, Pan-Asian Railway Network and Comparision with KL-SG high-speed rail project

http://How Much Do You Know On The High-Speed Train From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok?

How this pandemic taught us about remote learning?

This article mentions the emergence of online learning modes across the world and how students are able to cope with it. There are pros and cons of accessing online mode of education as we were forced to adapt due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Shanghai & Nanjing’s Immersion Trip 2019

This post is about the experience of joining Shanghai and Nanjing immersion trip organized by the Department of Industrial Engineering under Tsinghua University. It summarized the entire trip as well as sharing some students' thoughts.



Project Engineer

Company: Kelington Engineering Singapore

I worked there from 11/2021 until now

Design Engineer

Company: PERI

I worked there from 5/2017 until 8/2019

Content I Write