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B2B Writer, Ghostwriter covering Technology, Marketing, and other topics

About Me

I spent many years working on the front lines of marketing and technology and I am totally fascinated by these topics. I ran a medical publishing business for a while.

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My Writing Samples

Pie Charts Explained

Ghost-written for Netsuite. "The history of pie charts is more fascinating than many realize. A secret agent who plotted the collapse of the French economy with counterfeit money and the founder of modern nursing are but two of the intriguing historical characters who used pie charts to explain and advocate."


Has Content Marketing Reached a Saturation Point?

Published by PFL Blog. "But the internet disrupted that process—it was the channel that was new. Content could be delivered nearly simultaneously to the prospect’s interest. Bloggers could link directly to content. Search engines became very good at ranking better content highly so it could appear when someone entered a relevant search. Add in the rise of smartphones and social media and, suddenly, distribution wasn’t an office-hours kind of thing but became 24/7/365."


Has Digital Marketing Failed to Deliver? Consider Martech Ops

"The grass might seem greener at larger enterprises, where logic says there would be the budget and the will to go all-in. But many enterprises have a harder time adopting the technology in toto. That’s because large enterprises are a series of small fiefdoms that often are performing similar marketing functions across different market or product areas."


How Cybercriminals Attack Brands With Marketing Tactics

"Who hasn’t received a customer service robocall or email, allegedly from Amazon, confirming a $1,600 iPhone purchase? This scam relies on Amazon’s brand value, the ubiquity of Amazon accounts and the looming threat of a big purchase to scare recipients into responding and becoming marks. Is that good for Amazon’s brand? Decidedly not. It’s even worse when it happens to smaller brands."



International SEO Manager

Worked with 110 internationalized Oracle sites to build their local traffic. Worked specifically with Europe, Scandinavia, and South America. Increased traffic through SEO and technical improvements by 30%. Worked on Artificial Intelligence content.

Company: Oracle

I worked there from 11/2016 until 3/2019

VP Digital Products

Responsible for all technology products created by event/publishing company.

Company: The Channel Company

I worked there from 1/2012 until 5/2015

Director of Content Operations and Syndication

Workflow, analytics, organic promotion for new business. 20+ brands.

Company: United Business Media

I worked there from 4/2008 until 1/2012

Director of Online Media: Healthcare Publishing

Built complete publishing organization including staffing and technology. Re-architected existing publishing systems to make profitable and flexible.

Company: United Business Media

I worked there from 12/2005 until 4/2008

Director of Online Marketing

Ran marketing for network of technology web sites.

Company: Techweb Network

I worked there from 6/2000 until 12/2005

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