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I'm a 3rd year student of Medical laboratory science, I'm a personal blogger. I love writing articles pertaining to stories, inspirational, novels, health and lots more. My blogging journey is because of my interest in sharing information.

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Health & Wellness

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Becoming your friends Impression

Most times your smile will be what will make other people smile. This can make it difficult for people to really know what's your own problem. At this point, probably it's the real friends who can find out what's the problem. But where are they...? Is it the friends on that blue app..? or the ones on that Green icon app..? or perhaps the ones that notice you when you're close to them, or maybe the ones that always call to check on you when you're absent..? Be what you want your friends to be




I own this website and I've been working on it for more than 2years now

Company: Themedia4all

I worked there from 8/ until now

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