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Built Environment, Design, Wellness

About Me

I am an English major who has been working in and studying aspects of the built environment since graduating five years ago. I'm interested in our environments impact on us, physically and psychologically, and vice versa. 

I have a solid understanding of the construction industry as a whole, as well as its evolution, and projected trajectory. I am interested in writing articles on health, conservation, the built environment, development, design, and social well-being. Though I am open to writing any types of articles that you may need, so don't hesitate to reach out. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Real Estate

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Science & Medicine

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Timber Framer

Historic preservation of various culturally relevant buildings around the sate of Colorado

Company: Deep Roots Craftsmen

I worked there from / until now

Project Manager

Take privately fundraised money to buy older houses, fix them up, make them as green as possible within budget, and open them up to a pool of lower income applicants at discounted price.

Company: North Haven Sustainable Housing

I worked there from / until /


Studied preservation carpentry - historic design, building methods, and the evolution of both from the birth of America up until present day

Company: North Bennet Street School

I worked there from / until /

Yoga Meridian Therapy

Private Yoga Meridian therapy practice to help flush pain, increase mobility, and overall sense of wellness


I worked there from / until /

Content I Write