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About Me

I fell in love with James Patterson and I never looked back! Hi there, I’m Trini and I’m here to take you on a journey through my writing. I’ve always been fascinated by stories, and I love writing that captivates your mind and heart. Imagine reading a book that makes you desire to be a part of the story and escape your own reality. It’s with this tenet in mind, that I hope my writing can thrill and captivate any reader who stumbles across my work.
I love music, books, poetry and good food too! I’ve always been told that my writing is my strength, so I said Hey why not do a degree in Communications right? Today I have both my Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree in Communications, a tutor and an aspiring writer. I hope that my writing showcases my passion for the arts and captivates you the same way reading books did for me. My key genres are non-fiction, realistic fiction, and mystery. My favorite authors are James Patterson and Eric Jerome Dickey because I truly admire the strength and personality depicted by their main characters in all their books.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

International Property Investment

From today’s investors to the young adults trying to save for their future, real estate is widely recognized for its’ wealth accumulation potential. More than ever before, investing in property internationally offers great capacity for anyone trying to build their income if they safely navigate the market. International Property Investment offers experience proven strategies that can be undertaken to ensure long term financial gain for the investor.


Synthesis essay of Boyz N the Hood

“One out of every twenty one black American males will be murdered in their lifetime. Most will die at the hands of another black male” These stark words presented above are accompanied by the sounds of police sirens, gunshots, helicopters hovering in the air and the screams of women and children in the background. This is the opening scene of John Singleton’s 1991 coming of age film entitled ‘Boyz N the Hood’.




Company: The Urban Writers

I worked there from 2/2022 until now

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