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Writer - arts & culture, law & philosophy

About Me

I write fiction, poetry and essays. I write about a range of topics from arts and culture, philosophy, politics, literature, law. I blog at https://faithamurao.wordpress.com/ 

I'm embarking into freelance writing to enjoy earning a living from writing. I'm keen in applying what I've learnt when I read Law (2001) at New College, University of Oxford then English Language and Literature (2010) at Regent's Park College, University of Oxford. 

All the things I've learnt in my creative writing journey, the relationships I've formed, plus my experiences which I never regret, make me a good writer, a sensitive reader and an open-minded individual.

I believe that clarity, concision, truth and beauty are some of the virtues I aim for in my writing. 

I read widely too because of my interest in the art we humans make. I love going to art galleries, watching films, discovering new writing. 

Industries I Write About


Law & Politics

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Arts and cultural blog posts



Editorial Assistant/Administrator

I was the editorial assistant of all publications produced by the church.

Company: Strangers Rest Mission

I worked there from 5/2013 until 9/2021

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