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Award-Winning Writer and Editor

About Me

I am an experienced Email Copywriter who has learned from top email marketers worldwide like Ben Settle(El Benbo), Matt Furey, Daniel Throssell, and Chris Orzechowski, I help businesses write Email Copy that nurtures relationships with their subscribers and takes them from readers to buyers. That is, I will help you write Email Copy that builds relationships with your leads and turns them into repeat buyers. Email Copywriting is the fuel behind Email Marketing. Correctly written Sales Email Copy and Email Sequence improve the success of your Email Campaigns by 50-60% Your email list is one of the most significant investments you can ever make for your business. To make it an excellent investment, you need to ensure that the email copy is written persuasively. 

What my process is like: 

1. I will research your product and then come up with creative ideas for Email copy that you will use in your Email Marketing campaigns.

 2. I will optimize your email copy by using headlines that make it stand out and ensure a high open rate. 

3. I will then write captivating email contents for your products or service that converts your subscribers from readers to buyers. 

4. I will then send the email copy with an irresistible Call-to-Action that has a mix of urgency and Fear of missing out, which will push your subscribers to take action urgently. 

These are some campaigns I write emails for:

 Lead generation campaigns 

Product Launch Campaigns 

Email Auto-responder sequence or a drip email sequence such as a Welcome Email Series 

I'm available to help you audit your email list and also give you ideas on how to improve engagement on your emails—looking forward to working with you! 

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How To Protect Your Assets When Trading Margin

This is a write up for Binance margin trading which informs users and anticipated subscribers of the pros and cons of margin trading and why Binance is the best option when it comes to offering a tremendous trading deal.




Worked on many sales projects for the crypto organisation. Based on freelancing.

Company: Binance

I worked there from / until now

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