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Classroom Storyteller • Email copywriter • 6+ years qualified math teacher • 10+ years proofreading & nonfiction editing

About Me

We live in a world today where the average attention span keeps shrinking at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, it is even more important for you and your brand to communicate your messaging to both customers and prospects persuasively, engagingly and informatively, in a way that keeps them coming back to you for your products and services.

Hello! My name is Chinwe. Thank you for visiting my profile! I am here to help businesses and people like you with crafting your brand messaging in a simplistic, yet fun, visceral and engaging way that compels them to respond to your offers eagerly.
I can write your email copy, landing pages, white papers and blog content so that they are clear and persuasive. Which means you can communicate your message clearly, protect your brand voice and drive people to whatever action you want them to.

(And make some $$$ in the process).

I deliver fast work, on time and will always meet my deadlines; this way, you don't have to wait around for work that you need to grow your business.

Not only that, but you will also get regular updates on how the project is going, so that you have peace of mind, knowing the progress of the deliverables and don't have to worry about "staying on top of me".

As a proof reader and editor, I have created book summaries and edited book manuscripts for CEOs, established and aspiring authors, and written, proofread and edited academic articles for university students. And these are the same skillsets I bring to the work I do for you.

Having contributed to several international PEER-REVIEWED journals as a university postgraduate Research Associate, I take the details of the work that I do for you very seriously, leaving no uncertainties unclarified.

I have written and published 3 books on Amazon, with a 4th semi-fiction one on the way. I have run a WordPress blog since 2016, and have published consistently on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium since April.

I do want to be honest about one thing though. Right now, I'm in the middle of switching to a full-time career as a writer, so I am relatively new. And even though I have immersed myself in the highest quality training that is out there (Copywriting mentorship under Luke Mills Iha; Ship 30 for 30 with Nicolas Cole & Dickie Bush), I suspect you have some reservations with my experience.

This is why I offer a 100% UNCONDITIONAL guarantee on the work I do for you. Either you absolutely love what I deliver to you or I'll keep going till you do. This allows me to be upfront about my experience and take the risks completely off your shoulders.

If you're interested in working with me, I'll love to hear from you!
- Chinwe

Industries I Write About



My Writing Samples

Blog content 1

Sample of a blog that I wrote for a client in the jewellery industry.


Email copy 1

Example of an informative/marketing email copy that I wrote for a client


Blog Content 2

Sample of a blog that I wrote for a client in the jewellery industry.


Enjoy, Not Endure, Teaching For Early Career Teachers. Yes, You Can!

An introduction to why I love writing about my experience as a math teacher in the UK, why I think teachers should enjoy and not endure teaching and how I believe the martyr-narrative around teaching should change.


What Does The ‘M’ Stand For? It Depends On Who You’re Asking.

An example of the kind of posts I write on my blogging website sharing my classroom experiences via storytelling.


Lessons from Writing a Bible Study Daily

A summary of lessons I learnt doing and sharing a daily Bible study with my women's community for almost 50 days straight.


Research Articles from Google Scholar

A summary list of my published peer-reviewed papers.


Own published books

An amazon link to my first published book on classroom conversations.



Director of Learning (Math)

In a secondary school under the Trust, I am responsible for * the development, running and improvement of the math faculty; * teaching and learning in line with the math curriculum across all year groups; * facilitating remote learning for absent students; * building the attainment and extra-curricular reach of all students; * liaising with the senior leadership team on enhancing the delivery of the math curriculum in line with Ofsted standards.

Company: Star Academies Trust

I worked there from 9/2020 until now

Lead Editor & Writer

Responsible for * the creation of blog content, white papers and email copy for clients; * proof reading and editing nonfiction materials for authors, writers, career professionals and students; * providing book and chapter summaries for first-time and established authors.

Company: Christie Edits Limited

I worked there from 6/2017 until now

STEM Lead & Teacher of Maths

In a secondary school, I was responsible for * the teaching and learning, * monitoring and responding to assessments, * liaising with the pastoral team for care of all students under my remit. * providing outward-facing STEM activities for the whole school; * securing work experience placements in national and global industries like Arup, Siemens, etc; * reporting on students' progress and attainment in the local media and to parents; * collaborating with math faculty on curriculum improvement.

Company: Coop Academies Trust

I worked there from 9/2015 until 8/2020

Research Student and Associate

Responsible for * carrying our research - design, simulate, build, test and report, on antennas for metamaterial substrates; * presenting findings via peer-reviewed papers and presentations at international conference in Europe and USA; * writing applications and winning successful research grants.

Company: Loughborough University

I worked there from 12/2009 until 8/2015

Content I Write