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nature, sexuality, and turtlenecks.

About Me

Inspired by the likes of Helen Hoover, John McPhee, and Wendell Berry, I am informed by the natural world and seek to infuse reflections of this dialogue between human and environment into my work. My voice is equal parts grounded and whimsical; I have a knack for finding beauty in the ordinary. I am passionate about topics of environmental stewardship, rediscovering lost ways of connecting with the world beyond human construct, and other topics touching on the shared fascinations of naturalists worldwide.

"The self is a reification of an improperly delimited part of a much larger field of interlocking processes. This false reification of the self is basic to the planetary ecological crises in which we find ourselves." - Gregory Bateson

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My Writing Samples

The Speed of Summer

One new thing I recently, and hesitantly, did in the garden was a bit of pest control. I’ve been reading up about companion planting and polycultures, as well as conducting my own experiments to see what plants might enjoy each other’s company, because one of the golden rules of gardening is that a healthy plant is less susceptible to catastrophic levels of insect colonies and other such destructive forces.


The Wild Side

In addition to cultivating a vegetable garden, there is an entire wild side of the yard I’ve yet to touch on. The neighbors have told me that this home used to have a landscaper, but that this changed years ago in favor of giving the task to the tenants. With this change, the yard fell into years of neglect, and nature had its way of reclaiming the space.


Lessons from the Dark

As the previous New Moon entered, in August, I had a transformative experience at a gathering of friends. I entered into the community space with an awareness of the coming of the New Moon, a period marked by the darkness, of night and of life. I tend to save this space in time as one of solitude and processing, but these days I am not prone to turning down a chance to gather with familiar faces, and so I prepared myself to hold space for whatever may occur.




I'm a lifelong diarist.

Company: self-employed

I worked there from 7/1995 until now


As the sole proprietor of this creative endeavor focusing primarily on jewelry, I am the wearer of all the hats. I have experience managing social media, newsletters, and marketing.

Company: telle / of the Hills

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

Studio Manager

As Britta's studio manager, I was responsible for helping to craft the narrative of the brand and ensure that the vision of the brand was being communicated consistently through the marketing and communications materials. This included crafting newsletters, writing blog posts, and managing social media.

Company: Britta Ambauen Jewelry

I worked there from 7/2017 until 7/2020

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