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Content Writer

About Me

I’ve got years of experience in content, technical, marketing, and academic writing and I possess a deep love and appreciation for content creation. I am also proficient in a number of authoring and writing tools and my ability to quickly research, learn, and adapt helps me to maintain a positive relationship with all of my clients.

Whether you need a blog post, an SEO article, a listicle, a social media post, a CTA, marketing collateral, or anything in between, I’m your girl.

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Real Estate

Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

What Is Incidental Teaching

Has your child been diagnosed with autism? Are you wondering what incidental teaching is? Read our guide to find out more.


How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, you might be wondering how to pick the right glasses for your face shape. Learn more here.


OCD vs. OCPD: What's the Difference?

Learn about the differences between OCD and OCPD here.


What Are Defense Mechanisms?

Have you heard of the term defense mechanisms but aren’t quite sure what it means? Read this guide to find out all about defense mechanisms!


What to Know About Swimming for Weight Loss

Find out more about swimming for weight loss, including the best pool exercises.


How to Choose a Yoga Mat

Looking to buy a new yoga mat but not sure where to begin? Read our guide to find out how to choose a yoga mat to fit your needs.



Content Writer

• Creating SEO-friendly web content to boost engagement and visibility • Researching and gathering information for written content • Communicating with Manager to manage goals and expectations • Editing own work to ensure error-free writing ready for online publication • Collaborating on Google Docs to ensure work efficiency

Company: Link Builders

I worked there from 2/2022 until 6/2022

Content Editor

• Editing content for grammar and punctuation errors • Improving keyword use throughout written content to boost visibility and searchability • Editing text structure and formatting to ensure clarity and readability • Providing feedback for clients about potential improvements to strengthen writing • Tracking editing changes in Microsoft Word

Company: Brand Builders

I worked there from 2/ until now

Customer Service Specialist

• Responding to live chats and emails regarding a variety of topics from nutrition, shipping, returns and exchanges, refunds, tech, troubleshooting, and more • Keeping a calm and friendly tone even when faced with a hard-to-handle client • Following company-specific guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction • Practicing excellent written communication • Providing excellent customer service while navigating emails, chats, and partner websites simultaneously

Company: Simplrflex

I worked there from 4/2019 until 5/2022

Content Writer

• Created content that reflected brand identity and philosophy • Developed, wrote, and edited SEO content that was original and enticing • Conducted research/interviews/audience analysis for technical subjects to supplement writing • Wrote and managed content for social media feeds • Edited, proofread, and copyedited pre-existing content

Company: UpWork

I worked there from 2/2015 until now

Content Writer

• Created content that reflected brand identity and philosophy • Developed, wrote, and edited SEO content that is original and enticing • Conducted research/interviews/audience analysis for technical subjects to supplement writing • Edited, proofread, and copyedited pre-existing content • Wrote engaging product descriptions

Company: Private Clients

I worked there from 7/2010 until now

Content I Write


Competent, Efficient & Communicative

Ms. Felton has been a pleasure to work with. She is fast to deliver quality written work and provides great communication during the work agreements. Her written work is engaging and she pays great mind to structure, readability, and organization of the written text. It is rare to find not only quality writing but such a dedicated writer that makes deliverables on time and to such high standards. I appreciate very much her excellent communication and continued support.

Sabrin Shekh-Yusef, Private Software Company