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Helping you create journalistic-quality content about finance and sustainability. Written for The Economist, Washington Post and Insider.

About Me

Do you want to attract more customers and elevate your brand as a thought leader, but you lack the resources to consistently create content? That's where I come in. Through my brand, JournoContent LLC, I'll help you publish journalistic-quality content that boosts your website traffic, improves SEO and lifts how others think about your brand.

Why work with me? I have the credentials (worked for The Economist) and an easy process that will help you reach your marketing goals. I specialize in writing about finance and sustainability, which are two topics that every business should focus on.

Don't waste time with bargain-basement writers that put together incoherent articles. Defeat bad content and impress customers so you can grow your business and make a positive impact.

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My Writing Samples

Neobanks Function as Online-Only Banks. Here's How They Operate And Why You Might Choose One

This article for Insider explores what neobanks are and how they deliver important banking services to consumers that aren't always having their personal finance needs met.


Food Systems Need Catalytic Capital to Reach Paris Agreement Goals

This Alliance article looks at how foundations can make investments that don't necessarily provide market-level returns but can make an important impact.


How Do Inflation and Rising Rates Affect the Housing Market?

This article explores the interconnectedness of inflation, rising interest rates and real estate areas like housing prices and mortgage payments.


Plexure The State of the Grocery Industry: 4 Trends Shaping the Next Normal

This report examines how the pandemic changed the grocery industry and what retailers can do to adapt.



Thought Leadership Editor

• Developed custom thought leadership programs for Fortune 500 brands • Wrote and edited thought leadership content such as whitepapers, blog posts and case studies • Analyzed original survey data for inclusion in thought leadership content

Company: The Economist

I worked there from 9/2017 until 12/2018

Freelance Content Writer

• Founder and managing member of JournoContent LLC (Jan 2022-Present) • Create custom marketing content, such as blog posts, website copy and whitepapers to help B2B companies attract new customers and increase engagement • Research, write and edit news articles in areas such as finance and sustainability

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

Content I Write