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About Me

Content creator. Writer for hire. Specialties: philosophy, Eastern thought, culture, book reviews, blog posts, articles, travel writing, Japan, Southeast Asia

My Writing Samples

Heidegger & Buddhism: How The Nothing Nothings

The surprising connections between the greatest philosopher of the 20th century and Zen Buddhism.


Nonduality: A Philosophical Understanding

Nonduality in Eastern religious traditions and how it is understood by Western philosophy.


Buddhism For Writers

Does writing require thinking? Thinking is overrated and it might just be what is stopping you from writing. Instead: write don't think. Anyone can write; you just have to type until the typing becomes writing.


A Brief History Of Writers & Money

Don't feel bad. John Milton made a total of 20 bucks for 'Paradise Lost.'And some of the greatest writers never made much more. Buckle up for a shock.


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