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Writer, Nutrition, Meal Planning,Sales,Marketing. Proficient in all.

About Me

Hello! My name is Christian, I am 24 years old and love to play sports, climb mountains, enjoy the nightlife, and of course I love to write.  I have been through some hard times and some great times but either way I have always learned something from both the good and the bad.  I  went to college at Western State University in Gunnison Colorado for a year and took a break after to try and be my own boss.  I also have a high school diploma which I received from Legend High School in Parker Colorado.  I don’t mind writing at all and would even go as far as to say I thoroughly enjoy writing, especially on new topics in which I am learning things in the process. I am proactive and professional by nature and will deliver the highest level of content possible. Every. Single. Time. 

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My Writing Samples

Breckenridge Taster

It was a beautiful day in Breckenridge Colorado. Alex and his English Bulldog, Chunk, were headed out for a routine walk. Something they did just about every day at this time. As they walked past the onlookers and ski crowd, Chunk’s eyebrows rose and his tongue slobbered. The look on Alex’s face was similar. What happened? You wonder? They had both simultaneously gotten a whiff of the famous crepe trolley in Breckenridge. Alex ordered a pizza crepe and a bone for Chunk. Life was good.




I would serve about 10-15 tables a night and make pretty good money doing it. Only reason I left is because I moved. Good place to work.

Company: Texas Roadhouse

I worked there from 11/2019 until 3/2021


I sold steak knives for Cutco for a summer but then stopped because I felt 1200 for a knife set was ridiculous to ask of anyone, even if they were pristine knives.

Company: Cutco

I worked there from 5/2018 until 9/2018

Sales Associate, Training Planner, Nutrition Expert

I would build personalized weight loss plans for customers or just try to point them in the right direction in terms of supplements and nutrition. I helped many people lose 50+ pounds in 6 months. I loved being able to help people achieve their desired body type and watch them light up at their own progress. It was cool to see.

Company: GNC

I worked there from 4/2017 until 3/2018

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