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Content Manager ◆ SEO Content Writer ◆ WordPress Website Designer ◆ Freelance Writer

About Me

Hi. I'm Trey Briggs, and I write.

That's a blanket statement, mind you. I'm a SEO content writer for fun, to eat, to live, and sometimes to breathe. Everything I believe in stems from a few good words by a few good people, and I spend a lot of time getting sentences right. Does this sentence flow correctly? Am I writing poetry even when I'm not?

What I bring to the table are all those little thoughts about words and all the perks that come with being obsessed with writing. I bring an adoration for writing optimized content that has goals and dreams and then doing my damndest to achieve those goals and dreams. My second favorite love happens to be numbers. Data is fascinating, and there are so many cool tools out there to figure out why a thing did what it did. SEMRush and Sprout Social are two of my favorites, but I’m skilled in many more.

My approach and principles for writing marketing copy are simple: please the people, but also please the machines.

I write for community and clarity first, and then I go back and write for website crawlers. I stay updated on all of Google's new toys, and I keep Yoast bookmarked. I believe in creating content that the intended audience can enjoy in their own way and that they want to check back on. What did I say next? What have I said before?

My marketing copy is made to entertain and engage (as much as I'm allowed), and I believe authenticity works. Not manufactured authenticity, but actually writing what you know and believe in wholeheartedly.

What I would love to bring to your project's personality, a never-ending work ethic, and great sentences.

Thanks for the consideration!

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

4 Copywriting Tips for Affiliate Marketers Who Want to Win

Affiliate marketing is still a popular way to make money, especially with the ease that social media marketing brings to the table. But having a strategy is critical. This blog explains how to prepare for writing affiliate marketing copy that converts.


DXP vs CXP vs CMS: a glossary of digital experiences

In this article, I help marketing teams prepare for the big 'what are we' discussion with a breakdown of digital experience acronyms.


Easy ways enterprises can improve their Lighthouse Score

This article goes over a few steps teams can take to help improve site metrics without leaning on a development team. The goal is to give content teams (and general marketing teams) simple ways to improve their Lighthouse scores.


The Snarky Girl's Guide to Surviving Business: Attitude

How can you manage business with an attitude? Easy. Read these five tips.


Hire Trey Briggs Samples

A plethora of writing samples from two positions.



Content Manager

Crafting the content strategy over a team of videographers and marketing professionals.

Company: Concreate

I worked there from 1/2022 until now

CMS Manager

At TimberTech, I manage the TimberTech.com site presence. I take charge of publishing pages and blog posts, keeping track of the editorial calendar, and maintaining functionality for the site. This position includes a lot of self-management and technical learning, and implementation.

Company: TimberTech AZEK

I worked there from 7/2021 until 12/2021

Head of Marketing and Content

For Writing Wolves, I had to: - Create consistent written, video, audio, and graphic content for clients - Create SEO WordPress Sites and Campaigns - Run digital marketing campaigns, including email, social, and video - Handle client social media (and create campaigns for new clients) - Technical SEO, including Robots.txt creation and editing, on and offpage SEO, and other forms of optimization for SERPs - Provide site management, social media marketing, blogging, SEO content

Company: Writing Wolves LLC (Feb. 2014 - May 2021)

I worked there from 2/2014 until 5/2021


As a writer for CaseProof, I provided consistent blogs for PrettyLinks and MemberPress.com. I wrote and uploaded all blogs written for PrettyLinks and was in charge of managing the entire process for that blog (including the content calendar and topics).

Company: CaseProof LLC

I worked there from / until /

Creative Content Lead

Creative Content Lead for RareAgent: - Provided and scheduled alluring content and social media management - Created editorial calendars and sourced/created original content - Managed content marketing budgets and came up with strategies to build engagement and enthusiasm - Networked and gathered leads (without boring people to death) - Created and executed SEO campaigns for RareAgent's clientele - Providing a right-brained approach to marketing is my strong point.

Company: RareAgent

I worked there from 10/2013 until 12/2017

Content I Write