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Content Writer Specializing in Real Estate, Marketing, and Digital Wellness

About Me

I help businesses organically expand their reach by creating value-driven content strategically designed to attract premium clientele.

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Real Estate



Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Why It’s On Leaders To Champion Digital Wellness In The Post-Pandemic Workplace

As we slowly enter into the flexible post-pandemic workplace, digital wellness will become imperative for organizational success, and the onus will be placed on our leaders to ensure their employees have the skillsets needed to thrive. **This is a ghostwritten piece I created for Amy Blankson after completing her Digital Wellness Certificate Program.


Why Real Estate Investing Suits the Millennial Mindset

With an eye on work-life balance and creating lives beyond the boardroom, millennials want to work just enough to maintain their standard of living. While some characterize this as pure laziness, I see it as a radical mindset shift that emphasizes working smarter over working harder — and my prediction is that passive income will have a significant role to play in the transition.


Nanoinfluencers for Brand Storytelling

Every brand has a ‘why’ and it’s what differentiates you from everyone else. Sure, you know why you started your company and what keeps the fire burning late at night, but do your customers?


5 Steps You Should Be Taking Before Investing in Real Estate

Actionable advice for novice real estate investors.


Best Use-Cases for Influencer Campaigns

When implemented effectively, influencer marketing has the potential to provide an excellent ROI (especially when it comes to micro or nano influencers). Unfortunately, some brands struggle to identify the types of marketing campaigns best suited for influencer involvement. It can be a tricky business, which is why we’ve outlined the best use-cases for influencer campaigns to demonstrate just how well it can complement (and improve) your next marketing campaign.



Content Writer

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Corporate Communications Specialist

Company: International Fitness Holdings Inc.

I worked there from /2020 until /

Technical Communications Consultant

Company: Newtec A/S

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Marketing Coordinator

Company: Forzani Group Limited

I worked there from / until /

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