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Written to be the best expression of my life.

About Me

I can be shy but I am very outgoing, I've learned to gain, in my opinion, to be the main key points to a happy life on your own. Writing I take seriously as I try to stear my thoughtful mind to other directions of life outside of my own. I enjoy being silly and full of laughter, being positive in attitude is most important as it's in the times of your most successful days. Something every person shall be known is to maintain faith and believe that all things are possible. Everything happens for a reason. Advice given, be thankful and consider but those giving the advice, if not taken into action on how spoken thy shall not be offended or angered. We live and we learn. Smile, always stay humble and kind, courage is amongst each individual in our own personal ways. 

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Living life by my first instinct, leaning by mistakes that may have even repeated. Gaining knowledge by my own experiences and day to day life, getting to know myself.

Company: Reality

I worked there from 6/1992 until now

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