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Tired of waiting for your clients to write recommendations? I interview your clients and write compelling testimonials for your marketing!

About Me

Client testimonials open doors and close deals! The problem is, most of your delighted clients don’t have the time or talent to write compelling recommendations. I interview your clients and write their testimonials for everyone’s approval. Then, I guide your clients to post their testimonials on your review sites. 

A storyteller at heart, I am a marketing veteran and former journalist who has written more than 2,000 testimonials. They are concise (so prospects will read them), detailed (so prospects will believe them) and emotional (so prospects will resonate with them and respond).

My clients include interior designers, business coaches, consultants, speakers, real estate professionals and attorneys. In addition to your website and review sites, testimonials can be used in emails, proposals, contracts, social media, advertising, sales presentations, newsletters, blogs and media publicity pitches.  

Industries I Write About


Real Estate

Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

Molloy Communications' Client Testimonials

At the bottom of this page are testimonials I've written for my clients.




Testimonial Writing Service

Company: Molloy Communications, LLC

I worked there from 8/1988 until now

Content I Write


Don't delay - use Tricia Molloy for testimonials ASAP!!

Don’t do what I did. After hearing about Tricia Molloy’s testimonial writing service, I waited a whole year before hiring her. I thought I could get my clients to write their own or could write it for them. That never happened. Within a short time, I had twelve testimonials that eloquently attested to both the short- and long-term results of my coaching and consulting. What a boost to my marketing and morale! I just hired Tricia to write six more!

Jinnie Lee Schmid (she/her), Change Navigators LLC

She makes it all seem effortless- AMAZING!

Without Tricia’s help, I would have had my assistant spend countless hours chasing reviews that would be bland at best. The twelve testimonials Tricia brought out of my clients are amazing. They are words people will respond to and think about when they decide who to hire. They are arguably the best referrals I will have. Not only are they good for my marketing but also for my heart.

Elizabeth Smolcich, Mason & Brass Design Studio

Valuable and Easy

Tricia takes the stress off of my clients and gives them a voice as to why they are my raving fans. Each one has thanked me for giving them the ability to express their thoughts without worrying about what to write, how to write it, and finding the time to work it all out. The best part is that I have an online presence I’m proud of with nearly zero time investment on my part or the part of my clients.

Persephone Galambos, BHGRE Metro Brokers

Two Thumbs Up!

Our testimonials tell stories that make prospects want to work with us. Tricia took the time to learn what makes us unique and valuable so she could tell those stories through my clients. Two thumbs up!

Mike Wittenstein, Storyminers