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About Me


I'm Peter Spanovic, and I'm a young, ambitious student from Slovenia. I believe in hard work, knowledge and never giving up. Even though I do not yet have any formal education, I continuously learn whenever I can - you can say that I am an autodidact.

I have experience in writing poetry, articles, essays and short stories - but I see a new form of writing as a challenge and an opportunity. I think that writing is a very important activity because it opens up new perspectives on the world. This is why I love to write about many topics! I start my writing process by an extensive analytical reading of the literature on the topic, then I prepare a structure of the text and start writing. I finish the project by rereading and rewriting the text many times, until it is of the highest quality possible, while also staying within the limited time frame. My inspiration comes from great authors like Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Sienkiewicz, philosophers like Plato, Saint Augustin, and Aristotel and from my own life.

I'm also a big fan of history, psychology and philosophy. Whenever I have time, I read and listen to these topics. I especially like European history, focusing more on lesser know individuals, but very important ones. I have no problem with writing about new topics because I adore learning in itself and also because I'm interested in knowledge in general. 

I Always work fast, without mistakes and my products are always of high quality. I am also fluent in English and Russian. I hope to gain new skills and expand my portfolio. The main priorities in my work are that I make high-quality products and that I complete the project with my employer feeling 100% satisfied with my work.

If you have any questions or proposals feel welcome to contact me!

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