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It Is About You: My Skills for Your Success!

About Me

Hello World!

I am versatile and been writing for blogs, social media as well as all sorts of digital and print copy

Words are our most valuable tool to connect and bring our message out to the people around the globe. Personally, I write every day and keep on honing my skillset with a variety of online courses. Simply for the joy of becoming better at what I do.

People, their stories, their passions, their ambitions are what excite me most, apart from writing. Travelling the world has enabled me to broaden my horizon, soak up a variety of different perspectives and form genuine connections.

Fancy some show stoppers?

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I am thrilled to collaborate with you!

Talk to you soon and all the sunshine in the world to you 🌞

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

How To: Sustainable Living

|| A webApp that enables you to improve on and adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle I came across SUSLA through an old connection of mine in Switzerland, way back when I did workshops as an ambassador for zerowasteswitzerland.ch . She was (and still is) a pioneer in everything she did (and still does) and is to this day a huge inspiration for me, showing what one person is able to achieve if her heart, soul and mind are set on it.


About Us Page

Hubert Flanagan Founder & CEO Born in 1968, I am a 3rd generation of a typical Irish beef and sheep farm family. My heart and soul always wanted to commit to organic vegetable farming. Therefore I converted my father's farm according to EU organic standards in 2009. I started growing vegetables in 2011 and gradually I have been able to expand my customer range to 2 local supermarkets, 2 local farmer's markets, restaurants and a variety of VegBox customers.


A Year Of Commitment: My Journey with Meditation

Type into Google “Meditation” and you get 4,540,000,000 results, with additional 200,000,000 results for videos alone. Interestingly enough for me though is the fact that my own path never crossed the internet when I started in 2017. I had an actual meditation teacher with over 30 years of experience, leading a group of eight people through six sessions every Friday afternoon. In a recovery clinic for the treatment of various mental health issues like insomnia, anxiety, depression and such.


Serviceleistungen Coaching

Eine glückliche Entwicklung Ihrer Persönlichkeit setzt Selbstreflektion und Selbsterkenntnis voraus. Bewusste und unbewusste Einstellungen und Verhaltensmuster können unser Weiterkommen behindern. Mit neuen Denkanstössen und Sichtweisen, die wir gemeinsam erarbeiten, können innere Prozesse besser verstanden und berufliche wie auch private Ziele erreicht werden.


Verein Garten fĂĽr Aarau: Konzept, Statuten & Texte Website

Gärtnern bedeutet Verbundenheit mit der Erde, Kenntnisse über unser filigranes Ökosystem und das Bewusstsein, etwas heranwachsen lassen zu können. Gärtnern kann uns zum Kern unserer menschlichen Natur zurück bringen, das nicht nur zu einem individuellen sondern auch zu einem gemeinschaftlichen Erlebnis werden kann. Viele Menschen haben den Bezug dazu verloren, wo unsere Lebensmittel herkommen und wie viel Arbeit und Ressourcen sie benötigen bis sie bei uns auf dem Teller landen.


Activities (Website & Copy for Sustainable Vacation Rental)

Wherever you turn, the past is resurrected and brought back to life.​ Wander between the mysterious Standing Stones of Calanais. Experience how people lived for centuries in the so-called blackhouses of Gearrannan village. Let the only remaining Medieval Kisimul Castle transport you to a time when Lairds and Clans ruled the lands. Tread on the path of Bonnie Prince Charlie when he first set foot on Scottish soil after his exile. Revisit the global epicentre of Whiskey Galore.  Need we say more?


Nadine Almer Freelance Services Instagram

Mainly inspiring wholesome, healing writing prompts.



Administration Back & Front Office

Reception, Front & Back Office, Assistance to the CEO

Company: Kontrolldienst & Kompetenzzentrum Nutztiere STS

I worked there from 3/2017 until 12/2020

Webdesigner/ Copywriter / Assistance to the CEO

Developing a website and copy for a holistic therapist in Switzerland. Establishing background systems for client data organisation. Facilitate overall processes and general assistance regarding mails & event organisation.

Company: Camt - Autogenes Training

I worked there from 9/2017 until 3/2019

Webdesign/ Copywriting & Photography

Developing websites with concise copy and depending on the client's wishes stock photography. Writing content for blogs and social media, including Videography & Storytelling (Instagram, YouTube) Portfolio Website: www.nadinealmer.com

Company: Nadine Almer Freelance Services

I worked there from 9/2021 until now

Languages I Write In

Content I Write