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Writer/Editor from Washington, DC! I'm multilingual, and I also work as a journalist and communications specialist.

About Me

Greetings! Abe here; I'm a writer/editor based in Washington, D.C. however, my career began with a small newspaper in Oklahoma City in 2013. There I worked with a great team of writers, photographers, and political junkies. They were a creative and fun bunch.

I covered the education beat while also contributing to coverage of business, politics, and the environment. This task required interviewing, developing sources, researching public records, issuing document requests, taking photographs, operating a CMS, and of course writing articles, everything from news briefs to narrative features. 

I have served temporarily as an opinions editor for a newspaper. I am skilled in fiction and non-fiction writing and editing, copywriting, formatting, applying standards, strategic planning, project management, technology adoption and integration, and professional development.

What I offer:

-Over 10 years of writing experience including trade magazines and nonfiction

-Exceptional writing skills, including experience producing web content

-Proficient in APA Style

-Drafted and submitted all manuscripts for various research journals, as requested

-A genuine passion for writing, social media, and marketing

-Understand the best practices of the main social media channels, which content and approaches work on each, and why

-Keen eye for detail and ability to proofread/edit the work of others

-Ability to work on multiple projects with different objectives simultaneously

-Firm understanding of SEO

-A natural flair for writing fun, engaging, and well-read stories – as demonstrated by having published stories in publications

-Written hundreds of impressive stories that have reached hundreds of thousands of readers

Industries I Write About


Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

The War of Jenkins' Ear

On April 9th, 1731, off the coast of Florida, the Rebecca, an English merchant ship captained by a man named Jenkins, was stopped by a Spanish coast guard vessel. The Spanish suspected the Rebecca was smuggling goods in violation of a treaty between the two countries. For several decades Spain and England had been engaged in a struggle for economic advantage in the lucrative ports and territories of the new world. And there had been several previous incidents. In this case, when the Rebecca was


Barriers Along the U.S. Borders: Key Authorities and Requirements

An analysis of current and past laws governing United States border fencing and developing legal precedents for the future construction of additional border barriers.


Facebook alternative MeWe raises $5.2 million in funds

A report on privacy-focused social media platform MeWe.



Freelance Writer

Ghostwriter creating content primarily in business/finance, politics, and technology.

Company: Freelancer

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Freelance Writer and Editorial Services

Ghostwriter, line editing, and developmental editing. Editing academic papers for the university.

Company: MediaOCU

I worked there from 8/2013 until 1/2017

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