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Multi-industry, adaptive writing and editing professional.

About Me

Hello and thanks for taking the time to view my profile! My name is Teri, and I am a professional SEO blog writer in the home and garden industry. My work is primarily focused on plant care, including expert advice in advanced topics including orchids, carnivorous plants, and a very wide range of other species. I have experience in botany, which fuels my passion for writing on the topic even more. I enjoy working in blog format, but I love writing academic and research pieces, as well. As a part-time student, I am always up to date on the latest updates to academic writing styles.

My academic career is based on Anthropology with a focus in genetic medicine. I am a very experienced anthropological research writer and have always dreamed of writing a column for a publication such as Archaeology and The Smithsonian. My interests and hobbies are all research-centric, so everything I do is based in factual information from credible sources. I hope that one of my niches is a perfect fit for your project, and I look forward to working with you!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


Science & Medicine

My Writing Samples

ZZ Plant Care Guide (Blog post)

An inclusive guide to caring for a popular tropical houseplant.


Moses In The Cradle Care Guide

A guide to caring for a tricky purple houseplant with a long history.


Types of Bromeliads

A long-form blog article dedicated to curating the most popular types of bromeliads and their care.


Outdoor Herb Gardens

A planning and design guide to planting outdoor herb gardens in a variety of climates.


Terrace Garden Ideas

A planning and design guide for installing a terrace garden in a variety of settings.


Types of Rubber Plants

A guide to all the breathtaking types of rubber plants that grow indoors.


Ocean Acidification: Water at its Worst

An introduction to a little-known environmental disaster with a focus on carbon dioxide pollution and bottom trawling practices.



Professional Freelance Writer

Fulfill a variety of SEO needs by creating content for client blog sites Maintain open communications with clients for ease of collaboration Stay open to new ideas and recommendations Explore and research new topics as needed by clients Produce high-quality content to draw traffic to client websites

Company: UpWork

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Business Owner/CNC Laser programmer

Design and program CNC laser programs Create works of art using CO2 laser machinery and handcrafting Draft marketing proposals with business partners Identify merchandising options for niche industries Work with clients to design one-of-a-kind wood, acrylic, and stainless steel art pieces Curate a set of products catered to each specific niche

Company: TandT LaserWorks

I worked there from 1/2022 until now

Medical Assistant

Provide physician assistance in small procedures and in-office care Support a team of highly effective physicians Study geriatric nutrition to stay up to date on latest findings and reports Provide patients with genetic and nutritional counseling for longevity and chronic illness Maintain up to date labs for a panel of 500 patients Identify risk factors in elderly patients with chronic illness Work with a team to identify key drivers for patient spending Perform EKG and lab testing

Company: Iora Primary Care

I worked there from 8/2021 until 3/2022

Genetic Data Analyst

Write experimental research topics based on data observations Compile, test, and analyze genetic data from a wide range of mammalian species Attend weekly seminars on genetic coding, software use, and breakthroughs Author research papers based on findings of analysis Recognize patterns, navigate genomes, and use contextual evidence to solve problems Explore new genetic theories generated by lab promotora

Company: Washington State Unversity

I worked there from 2/2021 until 5/2021

Botany Lab Technician

Maintain a conservatory of rare and endangered plant species Breed a variety of endangered orchids for conservation Maintain a laboratory dedicated to botanical studies Experiment with new plant hybrids Design experiments for botany students Curate a varied collection of plants from around the world Study newfound botanical species Develop natural remedies for plant borne diseases

Company: Centralia College

I worked there from 10/2018 until 3/2020

Oncological Administrative Assistant

Provide excellent care and communication for patients Schedule, prep, and onboard patients daily Maintain company email inquiry box Prepare patient charts and medical history Ensure patient needs are always met Provide valuable medical resources for patients Express empathy and compassion to all patients

Company: Naturopathic Specialists, LLC

I worked there from 4/2021 until 8/2021

Content I Write