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Writer/ social media content/ “well I say try it before you deny it “

About Me

When I make up my mind to do something, I do it no matter what, I love colors, writing, finding themes and changing the tone of voice to see the vibe it gives out in the end.

I'm a little bit of a dreamer. I like to think about what the world would be like if we just made it a little better, or if we could do something that would make our lives better in some way.

What I can do for you 

Blog, social media content (twitter, instagram caption, event promoter, social media bio, 

YouTube description etc) email (welcome confirmation, promotional email, rejection email, recurring newsletter), sales landing page, I can tell your customers about your story and how you got started, can get you a job description done for when you need to hire someone to attract your ideal candidate, can get you a short story done to keep readers engage.

A little but more? Well then 

My name is Ryunoskuke Venus, and I’m an experienced graphic template designer and freelance writer specializing in web design, blogging, and video editing.With experience writing for a variety ofdifferent topics. I'm also skilled atcreating websites using Adobe InDesigntemplates and creating content that'sengaging and fun to read. This helps me tostand out from other writers in my field.In addition to my work as a writer and designer, I also have experience with video editing software, to name the few am familiar with videoleap,photoleap.capcut,prequel,moldiv,f ilto, poket video editor, mvbit etc. This allows me to help any clients create videos that are compelling and engaging to watch whether they're on YouTube or elsewhere online.My passion for creating things stems fromwhen I was younger: when I was in highschool, I would spend hours making movies,writing poetry, stories with my friends,either on my home computer,laptop or tabletinstead of doing homework or studying fortests! That's what got me interested ingraphic design—my love affair withstorytelling led me down this path where Ican help others tell their stories throughimages! Words! colours (I love colours)

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My Writing Samples

Where the Heck Does your body Get Vitamin C From: A blog about getting your daily dose of vitamin C

A blog about getting your daily does of vitamin c




Company: Mark’s and Spencer

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