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Hello ! My name is Jaelyn Edley and I am an experienced content writer majoring in business management and administration at Spartanburg Methodist college located in Greenville, South Carolina . While I am new to the platform of Ndash , I have extensive experience of three years in writing and marketing on a range of topics such as fashion brands when it comes to the latest trends in clothes, accessories, and handbags . I also have been able to partake in writing for business companies that are trying to gain sales and clientele regardless of the service they provide I have increased not only other companies sales by 30% in the last month but also my own professional business . When it comes to branding and persuading other potential customers and clients to use your services I am very fit, flexible , and adaptable to the environment and type of offers you may have to offer to your audience and what makes me different from other content writers is my passion , enthusiasm, and personality overall that will make potential customers not only want to engage in your blog posts and services but put themselves in a position to already feel like they have first hand experience from the persuasion and facts already from using your services.

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I worked there from 1/2021 until 6/2021

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