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About Me

I am an author of more than 15 books with topics including self-help, inspirational, religious and poetry. I also write on Medium, Substack and my own websites. Being a CPA and a former auditor, I also have experience writing business, personal finance and other technical articles.

I have more than 10 years of experience in blogging and freelance writing. This experience has taught me various skills I needed to learn online such as creating SEO-optimized posts, managing newsletter subscriptions, and using the various features of a web host provider. I have also learned about advertising, marketing online and social media management.

Before working as a blogger and freelance writer, I have had more than twelve years of experience in internal/risk-based audit.

My unique combination of creative and technical skills has a strong impact on my present endeavor as a freelance and technical writer. Having a solid background as an auditor and a risk officer, I am knowledgeable in business and financial areas. I am also adept in quickly familiarizing myself with a new assignment and in learning new technical skills like various computer applications.

My keen understanding of computer applications also enabled me to develop my own Android applications that have been downloaded by more than 500,000 users. 

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My Writing Samples

Why Risk-Based Audit Is Beneficial for a Business Enterprise

An article about the advantages of risk-based audit for a business enterprise. It discusses the benefits to be gained and the losses that could be prevented or minimized with a proper risk management framework in a business entity.


Helpful Hints When Publishing Your eBook and Paperback on Amazon KDP

An article giving practical advice on how to publish one's book on Amazon.


My 12 Years of Experience With Bluehost as a Freelance Writer

An article discussing the various features of Bluehost as a web host provider. The author also relates these features to her twelve years of experience and growth while using the said provider.


8 Business Lessons from My Failed Coffee Shop

Business tips using a real life sample to illustrate critical mistakes to be avoided by new entrepreneurs.


How To Do Basic Bookkeeping: A Beginner’s Guide

An educational article simplifying the process of bookkeeping.


5 Common Mistakes Writers Make in Using Amazon Ads

An article advising the reader on better ways to use Amazon Ads.


How Do You Deal With Emotional Pain?

A self-help article on how to deal with the emotional pain of grief, breakup or loss.


Should You End a Relationship Even If You Still Love Each Other?

A self-help article for those whose hearts have just been broken. This article is filled with practical advice for those who find it hard to let go and move on.


What the Book “A Walk to Remember” Taught Me About Falling in Love With God

This includes a review of the book "A Walk to Remember" taken from a Christian perspective. It compares the lessons learned from the story with that of growing closer in God's love.


Why Do I Always Fall for the Wrong Person?

A self-help article about improving one's relationship.


Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Deal With Grief?

An article describing the possible effects of the new feature of Amazon's Alexa.


The 5 Grief Stages You May Go Through When Losing a Loved One

A blog post discussing the 5 common stages of grief.


Three Crazy Ways to Get Amazon Book Reviews Without Spending Money

A post giving practical advice on how to gather book reviews without spending money.


Five Quick Ways to Earn Five Dollars Today

A promotional article that includes affiliate links for different platforms with earning potential.


Discover How Forgiveness Can Lead the Way to Healing and Freedom

A self-help post on the true meaning of forgiveness and how forgiving others can lead the way to one's mental and emotional healing.


Why Your Life Starts Only After Your Bucket List

This is about the kind of lifestyle people pursue versus the lifestyle that could give them a meaningful life.


How Do You Find Your Niche as a Freelance Writer?

Valuable advice for freelance writers who need to find their target readers.


Where is the Free in Freelance?

A motivational post for freelancers.


I Got More Book Sales After Posting An A+ Content at Amazon!

A post discussing an effective marketing strategy for selling Amazon books.


The Problem with Book Marketing Tips and Strategies

An article explaining various misconceptions about book marketing.



Freelance Writer

I write articles about dating, relationships and single life.

Company: CatholicMatch

I worked there from 5/2022 until now

Beta Reader

I submit beta reading reports for books read.

Company: BooksGoSocial

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

Book Reviewer

I review books from different genres.

Company: BooksGoSocial

I worked there from 9/2018 until now

Book Reviewer

I review books from different genres.

Company: Reedsy Discovery

I worked there from 6/2019 until now

Content Writer

I write various articles with topics ranging from business to self-help and inspiratonal.

Company: Medium Publication

I worked there from 9/2019 until now

Management and Audit Officer

Conducts independent and objective audits and reviews of business processes, internal control systems, and integrity of financial information with an emphasis on risk management groups and their downstream processes, and follow through on resulting recommendations.

Company: PDIC

I worked there from 10/1997 until 11/2009

Freelance Writer and Blogger

Writes pillar articles and SEO-optimized blog posts.

Company: I Take Off The Mask

I worked there from 1/2006 until now

Languages I Write In

Content I Write