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She/They. In love with the beach and the secrets she keeps.

About Me

Thank you for stopping by! I'm Lauren, and I'm about to take you on a roller coaster.

My writing style is dependent on the sort of material you are seeking. I have several years of experience with professional correspondence, tight deadlines, confidential limitations, and challenging projects. Through my work as an executive administrator with the BC Public Service, I have gained a thorough appreciation and understanding for the value of diligent, detail oriented, and succinct pieces. This sort of writing is valuable for objective works and I offer the reader articulated concepts without the hindrance of an author's take.

I've also got more casual works that make you feel like you're stepping into someone's life. I would say it's something along the lines of a blog post or a conversation. Bringing the reader into my story is my favourite part about writing, and I strive to ensure they feel at home. Fictional, satirical, and opinion pieces are in my wheelhouse. I feel that adding my own pizzazz takes courage that not every author has, and it offers a sort of vulnerability that can leave a person open to ridicule. But you know what? If everyone liked me, I wouldn't be me! I welcome the feedback that makes me a stronger writer, and I still love what I do after a hard day. I don't have the energy to be anyone but myself, especially when it comes to the artistic works I put my name behind. I've been able to really settle into the tone and perspective that makes me shine. Of course, it's got to be with a keyboard in my hand and a meme folder on my phone. I aim to bring you authenticity and pain. I'll also bring you empathy and self-love. Take me as I am, because I want to make your work shine, too. Let's make some memories (and some noteworthy pieces of writing).

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Our Own Backyard: A Canadian Reflection on American Reproductive Rights

Analysis and opinion piece on North American reproductive rights in light of Roe v. Wade decision.


Letter - Formal Correspondence Example

Formal letter drafted by Lauren Mathieson. Please note that the information in the correspondence is fictitious.


Take Me Home - Excerpt

Chapter one of a compelling love story between who Jordan wants to be... and who she is.



Executive Administrative Assistant

Extensive experience with correspondence including (but not limited to): - Emails & letters - Formal briefing notes for Ministers and the Premier - Legislation and policy analyst work - Secretariat work - Dynamic scheduling and time management - Hard deadlines and tight turnarounds - A master of Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, and Adobe Suite

Company: BC Public Service

I worked there from 3/2021 until now

Content I Write