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About Me

I am a college grad, who majored in Communications, who also received a Bachelor of Arts. As a result of my experience over the past ten years, I have gained strong freelance academic writing experience and knowledge in a variety of subjects. During my time after college, I ended up working for freelance tutoring positions WriterBay, Ultius Inc, and VIP writers, where I wrote about topics such as science, humanities, English, environmental studies, history, and more. Moreover, I also work well in demanding environments, and I have strong experience working with teams as well, through PowerPoint marketing work, presentations that required the use of Google Docs, and more. Lastly, through my college and grad school years, I have gained strong marketing experience, through restaurant advertising, Relay for Life marketing, advertising for my own Senior Project campus event, as well as doing marketing team projects, through social media platforms, such as Twitter.

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My Writing Samples

Grad School Writing Sample - Week 3 Written Assignment - Southwest Airlines in 2016

This work sample, is a detailed study on the success of American Airlines, it relation to its marketing, customer satisfaction and how it appeals to a wide variety of audiences, and more.


Legal Writing Sample - Criminal Defense Lawyer Newark, NJ

This writing sample is work that I have done for the legal industry in the past, pertaining to the importance of hiring a criminal defense lawyer, as well as legal matters that would be needed for such action.


Legal Writing Sample - Personal Injury Representation

This piece is a legal writing sample I did, pertaining to the importance of personal injury representation.


Paid Writing Assignment on Nursing

This paid assignment that I did for a previous writing company, focuses on the importance of nursing, why it is beneficial to society, the importance health as it relates to nursing, and more.


Paid Writing Assignment on Healthcare

This paid assignment that I did for a previous writing company, focuses on the importance of healthcare in society, as well as healthcare fraud and the dangers of it.


Paid Writing Assignment on Marketing

This is a paid writing assignment that I did on marketing, which discusses the importance of qualitative and quantitative data.


Paid Writing Assignment - Concepts of Psychology

This paid writing assignment, focuses on concepts of psychology, pertaining to PTSD and its causes, how it effects people, and more.


Paid Writing Assignment - Project Management Discussion

This paid writing assignment, focuses on the importance of project management developments, as they related to quality control, business work, as well as narrowing down broad topics.


Paid Writing Assignment - To be Genetically Modified or Not

This is a paid writing assignment I did, which discusses the dangers of genetically modified foods and why they are harmful.


Paid writing assignment - The Importance of Leadership

This is a paid writing assignment that I did, which provides an in-depth discussion on leadership. This ties into factors, such as what makes a great leader, who does a strong an efficient leader manage a business effectively, what kind of strategies do they use for success, and more.


Paid Assignment - Self-Reflection and Leadership

This paid assignment, focuses on research, pertaining to the importance of self reflection and improving one's ethic, when it comes to being an effective and strong leader.


Paid Assignment - Historical Study Assignment

This paper details the Treaty of Versailles, the importance that it has held in history, and the consequences that arose, when it was not upheld to the fullest extent.


Paid Assignment - English Writing

This paid assignment, details an English study, on the reading of the Arthurian dream, the concepts behind it, how it relates to the historical times that people were living in during the era, as well as the significance of the reading.


Paid Assignment- Business Writing

This paper details an analysis of Lululemon and Apparel, focusing on why the business is a success, such as methods of advertising and marketing it uses, to ensure that the company is a success.


Paid Assignment - Aviation and Technology

The paper answers the question, pertaining to how technology has not only increased over time, but also how that increase in technology, correlated to the success of the aviation industry, through innovation.



Marketing Writer

Duties: Research brand marketing and content writing material, writing marketing material for clients.

Company: Matador Solutions

I worked there from 11/2021 until now

Affiliate Marketer

Duties: Promoting ads and brands, attracting clients to affiliate links for revenue, as well as assessing and moderating weekly reports about sales.

Company: Impact Radius

I worked there from 3/2019 until now

Independent Contractor and Writer

Duties: Writing engaging blogs for UpChat, focusing on business, entertainment, technology, news, etc. Creating teams and developing plans for site content improvement.

Company: UpChat

I worked there from 3/2022 until 4/2022

Content Marketing Writer

uties: Creating virtual marketing plans for schools impacted by Covid, holding weekly meetings on marketing work, promoting company ads on Facebook

Company: Ward & Moore Consulting

I worked there from 9/2021 until 10/2021

Independent Contractor Writer

Writing marketing content, based on customer requests, revising work, providing technical support, taking phone calls, delivering high quality customer service, meeting strict deadlines, researching topics relating to writing and marketing assignments. and moderating communication aspects with administrators.

Company: WriterBay, Utlius Inc, and VIP Writers

I worked there from / until /

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