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Researcher and writer

About Me

I’m returning to writing after spending years as an educator.  Although I’m most interested in topics like education, climate change and building collaborative communities, my interests are wide and varied.  Writing that requires research gives me an opportunity to continue learning, which has always been one of the joys of the job.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

A Tool Library Is a Seed

This article explains how neighborhood tool libraries can begin the process of creating more cohesive, collaborative communities and why that’s important from an environmental perspective.


A Greenish Curriculum: Desperate Need vs a Stacked Deck

This describes the need for a green curriculum for K-12 students to prepare them for future climate changes.


Tiny Houses Fight Global Warming

This describes what tiny houses are, explains why they’re popular and a good idea.



Researcher and writer

Climate Steps is a Washington, D.C. based non-profit focused on providing options, or “steps,” for people who would otherwise be overwhelmed with concern about global warming and confused about what to do on a personal level. Topics I’ve written about: tool libraries, tiny houses, green school curriculum. Currently, I’m managing a subpage devoted to strengthening communities, and I’ve written two subpages for that, one on food and another on finance.

Company: Climate Steps

I worked there from 12/2021 until now

Researcher and writer

General K-12 education topics

Company: Chicago Education Improvement Examiner (closed)

I worked there from 1/2009 until 1/2011

Online College Tour Reviewer

I reviewed online college tours.

Company: Encyclopædia Brittanica

I worked there from 1/2009 until 1/2011

Researcher and writer

This is a Chicago-based nonprofit seeking to advance urban sustainability and shared prosperity through initiatives in transportation, water, climate, and public policy. My writing for them introduced me to the idea of shared community resources, and I’ve been building on that ever since.

Company: The Center for Neighborhood Technology

I worked there from 1/1989 until 1/1992


Ragan Communications develops news, training and intelligence for more than 50 years to internal and external communicators, HR professionals and business executives. I wrote articles about speechwriting and internal publications.

Company: Ragan Communications

I worked there from 1/1988 until 1/1999

Researcher and writer

The National Safety Council writes articles on safety issues. I wrote about driving safety, safe chemical storage, etc.

Company: The National Safety Council

I worked there from 1/1986 until 1/1988

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