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About Me

Mike is a writer and government official based out of Pennsylvania. He has written two books, been featured in numerous nationally known websites, including Governing Magazine, The Mighty, and Mental Floss. He maintains a blog on mental health, has written numerous op-eds in local papers and completed over 2,500 freelance articles for other services. His specialties include public policy, health care, mental health, social media, video games, business, personal finance, CBD, marketing, and more. 

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics


Health & Wellness

Science & Medicine


My Writing Samples

Lawmakers Have A Duty To Prevent Gun Violence

In this article, I write an op-ed that discusses the need to enact strong gun violence prevention measures.


How Government Leaders Can Stay Out of Social Media Hell

This article discusses how government officials can avoid making fatal social media mistakes.


The Power of a Public Life: Living Openly With Anxiety and Depression as an Elected Official

In this article, I discuss my own experiences with mental illness.


Suicide attempts among teen girls rise – but suicides fell….

This article reviews a surprising disconnect: In 2021, Suicides fell among teen girls, while suicides rose.


How can you find the most accurate information on mental health?

This article gives tips and tricks for how people can find accurate and up-to-date information on mental health.


Virtual Reality for Mental Health

This article discusses the various ways in which virtual reality is helping treat mental illness.


What Is the Average Cost for Cremation?

This article reviews the average cost of cremation in the United States.


8 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

This article provides an in-depth look at 8 different marketing strategies cannabis businesses can use in the new year.


16 of Your Most Common Insurance Questions, Answered

This article discusses commonly asked questions about insurance. This includes life, car, renters and health insurance.



State Representative

I serve as a Pennsylvania State Representative. This elected role allows me to represent 65,000 people in eastern Pennsylvania. In this capacity, I work on various local and state initiatives. As a member of the House Leadership team (Caucus Administrator), I am also involved in day-to-day and strategic decisions that influence our caucus' ability to impact the people we serve positively.

Company: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

I worked there from 1/2012 until now

Freelance Writer

I have extensive writing experience in various areas, including freelance writing for multiple platforms. This has allowed me to understand better how to work with clients, learn how I can help them fulfill their needs, and adjust my writing style to their unique niches and specific approaches. In total, I have written around 2,500 articles in numerous topic areas. This is in addition to my government writing, personal blogging, and newspaper editorial experience.

Company: Multiple

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Vice President, Member Relations & Applied Technology

During this time, I worked for the 9th largest Chamber of Commerce in America. I had three primary functions: 1) Managing all of our Social Media initiatives and training Chamber members in these areas - specifically showing them how they can take advantage of and make more money using Social Media. 2) Working with our Member Relations team and helping to increase member satisfaction. 3) Working with our website & member database to ensure that we are getting the most out of both.

Company: Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

I worked there from 4/2007 until 12/2012

Content I Write