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About Me

Hi there

It is a pleasure to introduce myself; I am Feven Ghebre. As an author, blogger and content writer, I like to write articles and blogs. You can find my book, "The Entwined Past," on Amazon and other distributors. I'm a freelance writer with experience in article and blog writing. Vocal media published 50 articles by me. My article focuses on mental health, weight loss, relationships, dating, hair and makeup, and entertainment. My portfolios contain articles and samples of my work. I put a lot of effort into my articles. It takes a great deal of thought and research.  I look forward to working with you.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


Health & Wellness


Pop Culture

My Writing Samples

Top Ten greatest Films

The purpose of this article is to highlight a few of the finest films that have ever been made


The Beauty Of Makeup

This article focuses on the pros and cons of a makeup product and a full product review.


Weight Loss Journey

This article focuses on the story of my weight loss and a few helpful tips for losing weight.


My Acne Story

This is an article that focuses on skincare and my experience with acne and what steps I do to change that.


Weird things only introverts do

This article focuses on characteristic behaviours of a person who is an introvert or has introvert tendencies


I recently bought a dark lipstick

This article is a product review of a new lipstick I purchased from NYX



Published Author

Worked with Tablo publishing company to self-publish my mystery/fiction book. The Entwined Past" follows three women who move to a new town without knowing each other. During a bus ride, they meet, and start a new life together. On their adventure, Elena Richards, Mariah Talen, and Kayla Weber don't know what challenges will await them, but the three encounter many surprises. Within the new town, they're at the center of a mystery, a mystery they must solve before it's too late.

Company: Tablo Publishing Agency

I worked there from 12/2021 until now

Production Assisting

Assisted in production and office work. Printing document papers, labelling folders and boxes, placing away folders, organizing file cabinets, answering phone messages, preparing commercial treatments, researching all blog types and reviewing blog sites, categorizing blogs, creating blog lists, organizing photography images, putting photographs in order and in different folders, researching different themes of images, matching images for scripts, photocopying and scanning images, etc.

Company: Someplace Nice

I worked there from 1/ until /

Creative Writer

Utilized exceptional writing, editing and proofreading skills to produce engaging and error-free content. Proofread, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar on the articles. Wrote and edited articles on many topics. Research and wrote articles on beauty, hair, makeup, mental health, relationships, product reviews, etc.

Company: Vocal Media

I worked there from 2/ until 4/

Content I Write