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Top Thesis Statement Examples for Rhetorical Analysis Essay - 2022

A rhetorical analysis essay is a kind of essay in which the essay writer analyzes the non-fiction work and how the author created a specific effect to influence and entertain his audiences. Text, speech, or visual arguments such as a video for promotion or advertisement can be used for analysis. The author of such type of writing is known as a rhetorician. Rhetorician uses different types of tools for influencing audiences.

These tools include factual evidence, emotional appeal, and logical or ethical appeal. By using different appeals basic human affinities or shared experiences are used to earn the approval of the audiences.

Students can avail of the essay writing service from online websites to get their customized essays. You can develop a good and effective rhetorical analysis essay if you know the writing and research techniques. The success of the essay also depends upon the thesis statement of the essay. Some of the techniques and examples of the thesis statement of a rhetorical analysis essay are as follows:

Your stance depends upon your analysis of the text or video. First of all, find out the goal or idea behind the specific text or video. Then check out the techniques the rhetorician has used to achieve his target. The techniques will help you to decide whether audiences are convinced or not.

Without a thesis statement, there are chances that the YourEssayWriter will stray away from the basic arguments and claims. It covers all the specific points of the essay which are required to convince the audience.

Strong Thesis Statement

Some points need to be considered to write a strong thesis statement and rhetorical analysis essay.

        Do not use phrases like ‘I think or ‘I guess’ and the first person in the thesis.

        The thesis serves the reader as a guide for the essay.

        It represents the rhetorical strategies of the author and asserts the conclusion.

        A good thesis statement will analyze the techniques and their impacts on the effectiveness of the text.


        Alex efficiently influences the audience by using different facts, surveys, and statistics paired with emotional appeal.

        John has used many historical facts to convince audiences through logical arguments; due to his sarcastic tone, the readers doubt his objectivity.

        Michal uses different rhetorical appeals of pathos and ethos efficiently. But the readers doubt his claim due to unsupported logical appeals, which need to be supported by research.

        Robert tries to influence the audience but is unsuccessful due to the usage of the insensitive word and vocabulary choices and the angry tone. 

This type of thesis statement needs to be avoided. If you do not have any idea about crafting a thesis statement or rhetorical analysis essay you can ask online writing service just like I used to ask to write my essay to write companies.