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About Me

I am Breanna, an American with a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature. 

My background in education and my years working in a college library have given me high-quality research skills that aid me in creating the best and most informed content for you, your brand, and your passions. 

I am trained in SEO and have used it successfully on countless occasions for clients all across the globe. I understand the importance of creating a click-worthy and informative piece of content. with a clean CTA that converts. I encourage you to check out my samples to see this in action or view them directly from my portfolio website at breannawiskari.wordpress.com. 

I am primarily a tech writer, but, as you will see from my samples, I will write practically any and everything. I am an expert blog post writer. I have written hundreds for dozens of clients in the past year. 

I love technology, especially computers, gaming consoles, and troubleshooting. I studied for the CompTIA A+ exam for a year before life took me in another direction. 

I am an avid gamer who loves building, creating, dazzling graphics, problem-solving, and progressing through stories. I am also interested in more niche gaming topics such as modding and speedrunning. 

I also am a plant lover and a gardener. I have a passion for nature and love being outside where it's green. 

I can't wait to work with you on whatever projects you have, whether they be for business or for pleasure. Let's get in touch. 

Industries I Write About



Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Best USB Audio Interfaces for Podcasters & Video Creators

This blog post explains the types of audio interfaces content creators can purchase. This was written for an audio software company, so I did not need to boast any specific type of hardware, just ensure the reader uses the designated website. The CTA of this piece has been removed for privacy reasons. I was given access to the company's SurferSEO page for this piece and a few others I wrote for them, so the SEO is integrated seamlessly.


The Best Concrete Resurfacing Services

A piece in the home renovation/remodeling niche that covers the types of ways a concrete floor can be repaired and resurfaced. This blog post would contain a CTA for a concrete resurfacing company, but the CTA has been removed for privacy.


Dell Monitor Warranty

I wrote many blog posts for hire for a personal tech troubleshooting blog. The owner of the blog had no CTA, as he was just creating this blog to educate as a passion project. I loved working with this blog owner, and I love writing pieces like this.


Temporomandibular Disorder Treatment

I do not often write in the medical niche, but I will write any piece given the opportunity. This piece contained a CTA for a medical practice. The CTA, again, was removed for privacy.


Tesla Right to Repair

This was an interesting piece with no CTA and no SEO keywords provided. Additionally, a stance to take was not provided, and I was free to use my own opinion. I did research and learned the general consumer's take on this issue and used points I saw others bring up to take a stand against Tesla and in support of the Right to Repair, as the average consumer and the target audience of the article desire the freedom and the right to repair.


Seller Financing Addendum

This is an informative legal article I spent a lot of time on, as the website owner requested many edits and additions as we worked on this piece together. Legal is not my speciality, but I always enjoy learning something new through research to create an informative piece.



Freelance Copywriter

I write thoroughly researched and high-quality content for clients worldwide. With my bachelor's degree in English and my professional background in technology, I can guarantee a well-informed and polished writing piece every time. I have also studied Marketing strategies, sales funnels, and, most importantly, SEO, so I can take your content from informative to click-worthy.

Company: Self

I worked there from 7/2021 until now

Systems Administrator

I work to ensure the applications, programs, and websites are working properly, issues are troubleshot in a timely and effective manner, and all users are entered into the system correctly and on time. Additionally, I run and monitor the social media accounts for the recruiting aspect of the company.

Company: Delivery Company

I worked there from 4/2022 until now

Library Media Assistant

I assisted students, professors, and community residents with the Adobe creative suite, recording software, and digital media equipment such as camcorders and audio interfaces. I was at the front desk to answer incoming questions whether it be in person, over the phone, or via web chat. I was heavily relied on to complete media projects properly and in a timely manner.

Company: Community College

I worked there from 12/2017 until 5/2022

Content I Write