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About Me

I tell stories. 

Whether it's screenplays, short stories, novellas, novels, about us pages, blog articles, landing pages, product descriptions - you name it, I've attracted attention to it. 

"But wait," you say to yourself. "What do short stories and screenplays have to do with blog articles and copywriting?" 

A lot.

They tell stories in different ways, with different voices and different styles, but all writing is storytelling. The need is the same whether you're telling a story to enlighten, entertain, or sell. 

I've written over 20 screenplays, placing in prestigious contests like the Nicholl Fellowship. I’ve had work optioned, and I’ve pitched to networks like History Channel. 

I'm also a published science fiction author who attended the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop in 2019. 

I have two years of copywriting experience, writing for businesses like Story Power Marketing, and crafting informational marketing content for clients as diverse as cybersecurity firms and staffing agencies. I write web content, emails, product descriptions, company profiles, and video scripts.

I'd love to help you tell your story, whatever form it takes.

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My Writing Samples

Technology Options for the Post-Pandemic Workforce

One article of many for a cybersecurity company.


The Online Seller’s Conundrum: Marketplace or Store?

A blog post for an Ecommerce blog.


10 Things Esports Parents Should Know About FIFA

An informative article for parents of a gamer.


Why Should I Use a Staffing Agency to Find a Job?

One article of many for a staffing agency.



Content Writer

I write informative marketing articles for a wide array of clients, from cybersecurity firms to staffing agencies.

Company: Story Power Marketing

I worked there from / until now


I write copy and video scripts for several clients, from ecommerce bloggers to digital marketers in the technology space.

Company: Flocksy

I worked there from / until now


Here's a link to my portfolio: https://www.networkisa.org/profile/bradynelson

Company: Freelance

I worked there from / until now

Research Analyst/Writer

-Managed the organization’s proprietary database of statistics regarding violent and sexual content. -Designed and implemented a new data compilation method that increased logging efficiency by 30%. -Co-authored 8 research reports that were distributed to Congress, the media, and donors. -Proactively assumed branding responsibilities through video editing and writing initiatives that increased donor engagement by 20%, forging partnerships with Hallmark Channel and Up! Network.

Company: Parents Television Council

I worked there from 12/2014 until 9/2019

Content I Write