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Freelance content writer and ghostwriter helping people scale their businesses with engaging SEO-friendly blog articles

About Me

Hi! I’m Share, a versatile freelance writer specializing in blog writing. I write in diverse niches but enjoy covering beauty, fashion, tourism, digital marketing, and the freelance lifestyle. My strength lies in helping brands build consumer trust by providing industry-related educational web content. Need compelling content with a genuine voice? I’m your girl. Send me a message and let’s chat!

WRITING PORTFOLIOS - www.sharewrites.com | www.medium.com/@sharebeariehttps://clearvoice.com/cv/SharonWu

What my clients are saying...

"Sharon is simply amazing. From writing beauty blogs to writing difficult treatment pages on new and cutting-edge medical treatments, she delivers quality content, with an impressive turnaround time. She has a way of taking blog topics we've written before, and instilling a new perspective on them that is fresh, authoritative, and compelling. She receives edits with a positive attitude and goes above and beyond to turn in articles that are unique, informative, and well researched. Her work rarely needs edits and her self-directed attitude is imperative to our growing business. I look forward to having Sharon on our team for a long time. It is difficult to find writers that need little to no training on easy readability, active voice, and overall good research skills." - Chris Z., Founder of Medstar Media

"Sharon is a pleasure to work with! Her writing is engaging and thoughtful, always well-researched and on point. Best of all, her work needs little or no editing, and she is careful to follow all of our directions. When you own a content marketing agency as I do, it can be difficult to find reliable and creative freelance content writers. Sharon has been an asset to my agency and I look forward to working with her on more projects." - Jeanne G., CEO at Seven Oaks Consulting

"I love working with Sharon. Her photography is gorgeous, and she is super organized! She keeps us on track, and all the content is delivered quickly and smoothly. We're very happy to continue working with her." - Joanna S., Owner of Refresh Skin Therapy

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Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness




My Writing Samples

How to Reduce Love Handles

Bikini season is here, which means it is time for the love handles to go. If you struggle with fat buildup in the flank area, you are not alone. It is a prevailing problem where stubborn fat spills over the side of one’s bottoms, giving the dreaded “muffin top” look. The good news is, there are different things you can do to reduce fat here and sculpt lean, attractive flanks.


Talent Development: 7 Ways to Secure and Retain Top Talent

Talent development programs are vital for businesses that want to keep their top talent from leaving for other opportunities. Keeping a skilled and engaged workforce is much easier and more cost-effective than recruiting new employees. With that said, having the right programs in place goes a long way to future-proof a company.


What Makes Porsche 911 the Quintessential Sports Car?

The Porsche 911 is the epitome of style, luxury, and performance. It has won many accolades from fans and remains the quintessential sports car to this day.


How to Improve Email Metrics

Understanding email marketing metrics is more important than ever before, given that the email marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace. Today, around 90% of all adults have an email account. Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to reach this massive audience!


Encinitas: San Diego's Best Beach Town

Laid-back beach vibes, carefree drives down the Historic Highway 101… North County’s gem, Encinitas, captures the true essence of a dreamy coastal getaway.


5 Signs of Toxic Productivity (and How to Beat It)

Remote working comes with SO many perks. But it can also lead to toxic productivity if you don't know where to draw the line between work and personal life. We've all been there: Overworking to please clients, secure new gigs, and not knowing when enough is enough. Unfortunately, burnout is a real problem. Without work-life balance, we suffer a decline in mental, physical, and social well-being.


Tips for Overcoming Procrastination in College

High school may have been forgiving of procrastination, but don’t expect college to be the same. Procrastination is the bane of most students’ existence. With courses being much more fast-paced and rigorous, it’s key to stay on top of things if you want to succeed.


5 Smart Ways to Recession-Proof Your Income

If you feel the pinch of a tight economy, you are not alone. As layoffs climb, many Americans find themselves in a position where they need to find creative ways to make money. According to Gallup, more than half of Americans worry about their finances today. To stay above water during turbulent times, you must recession-proof your income.



Freelance Writer

I help businesses make a lasting impression by crafting stellar web copy that captivates, product descriptions that convert viewers into buyers, digestible informational blogs & articles, trendy social media deck copy, and more. - Pitch innovative blog article topic ideas - Research various topics to write factual, SEO-friendly meta titles & articles - Supply original content that meets clients' marketing goals/objectives - Incorporate short & long-tail keywords - Highlight the benefits of prod

Company: ShareWrites.com

I worked there from 9/2014 until now

Content Writer

I produce search-engine-optimized blog articles and treatment pages for Medstar Media's client websites. - Research a variety of aesthetic topics like CoolSculpting, Juvéderm, and Botox - Incorporate relevant short & long-tail keywords - Write meta titles of 140-156 characters - Source peer-reviewed articles - Produce informational content in a professional tone (as if written by a doctor) - Adhere to legal & branding restrictions on phrasing - Deliver 500+ word articles with a readability grad

Company: Medstar Media

I worked there from 6/2022 until now

B2B Marketing Content Writer

I curate quality search-engine-optimized B2B marketing blog posts and articles. - Conduct research on digital marketing topics - Create compelling, SEO-friendly, made-from-scratch pieces - Submit blogs with an easy readability that follow guidelines - Work with team editor to finalize posts before publication - Contribute unique remote working & management-related articles to the digital magazine "Virtuali" VIRTUALI: https://medium.com/virtuali

Company: Seven Oaks Consulting

I worked there from 6/2022 until now

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