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About Me

I’ve always been drawn to sharing thoughts and ideas through the power of words.

Whether it was penning fictional stories or journaling personal experiences, writing has been my creative outlet since I was a child.

That said, it’s been both rewarding and fulfilling building a life-long career using my skills as a writer and journalist.   

Reflecting on my background, one of my strengths is understanding from a marketing perspective, what needs to be communicated to the audience in a concise and engaging way.

As a producer for E! News Daily, I was writing and producing video content for a live show, five days a week. Here I gained the ability to quickly understand ideas and produce entertaining content, all on an extremely tight deadline. 

In theatrical film publicity, at places like Paramount Pictures, I was writing and producing marketing and publicity content for movies like Dreamgirls, helping convince press and audiences why a musical should appeal to every walk of life.

I truly believe that everyone has a story and these days I’m sharing them as a contributing writer for, Ventura Boulevard Magazine. I research and write about everything from food, fashion to feel-good articles about local kids collecting loose change for the Children‘s Hospital of Los Angeles or the best place for families to pet a sloth. 

For the last two decades, writing allows me the good fortune of allowing to communicate ideas, products and services to people all over the world. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Soup to the Rescue

Elina Fuhrman’s Soupelina Soup Delivery Service is Aimed at Health & Wellness.



The quarantine inspires some of the youngest members of our community to give back.


Sanctuary in the City

A modern twist on a traditional farmhouse becomes a busy family’s revered urban retreat.


Bella in the Valley

A serious cooking enthusiast invites us into her Sherman Oaks kitchen to share the 5 appliances she can’t live without.



Freelance Magazine Writer

Research, conduct interviews and compose interesting short and long form articles for a popular Los Angeles lifestyle magazine. Periodical reaches 10k homes in the San Fernando Valley, online and newsstands. Topics range from fashion, food, home design to highlighting individuals making a difference in the community. Receive pre-assigned writing assignments as well as pitch new content ideas to the editor.

Company: Ventura Boulevard Magazine

I worked there from 9/2010 until now

Executive Director, Special Projects, Film Marketing Department

Create and oversaw marketing content and press materials for electronic press kits (EPKs) for feature film releases. Produce and organize special marketing press days with production and major media outlets. Write, produce and manage editorial process for marketing content provided to domestic and international press as well as sizzle reels for film festivals like Cannes. Conducted on-set interviews with talent and production heads.

Company: Paramount Pictures

I worked there from 8/2004 until 6/2010

Manager of Publicity, Home Entertainment

Generated press coverage on a national and local level for home entertainment releases, through major broadcast publicity campaigns. Created engaging bonus materials, conducted talent interviews at press junkets and media press days. Developed themed events and pitched content to media outlets to promote home entertainment releases. Wrote press releases, produced video sizzle reals, oversaw and managed editors, crews and freelance producers.

Company: Universal Pictures

I worked there from 8/2004 until 8/2005

Writer / Producer

Wrote, produced and oversaw editing process for a daily entertainment news show in an extremely fast-paced and dynamic setting. Interviewed talent at red carpet events and press junkets.

Company: E! Networks

I worked there from 9/1999 until 8/2004

Content I Write