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Freelance Writer Generalist

About Me

Hello, My name is Ayden Parmely.

I am a beginner freelance writer and, for now, am a generalist. I have two years in grocery store experience and eight months of restaurant experience. I do have a blog, www.thefilmopinion.blog, where I write about anything going on or has happened in the film industry and my general opinions on it.

I'm also a recent high school graduate and live in a small town in West Tennessee. I am ready for work and any opportunities.

My Writing Samples

The Truth of Shia Labeouf

This article on my blog goes over Shia Labeouf's many roles, recent allegations/controversies, and why those controversies happened.


Why "Oppenheimer" is the Next Christopher Nolan Great

This article on my blog covers the anticipated "Oppenheimer" and why I think it will be one of Christopher Nolan's best movies.




My job responsibilities were: -Stocked shelves with new truckloads or available back stock -Rotated milk and eggs and removed nearing expiration dated dairy products -Took out trash -Swept and mopped store floor at night -Swept sidewalk -Cleaned bathrooms -Helped with new stockers -Helped with cashiers when needed -Helped customers when needed

Company: Food Giant

I worked there from 8/2020 until 8/2021


My jobs responsibilities were: -Washing a cleaning dishes and food preparation utensils -Making sure everything was clean and put up at the end of the night -Clean tables and removed any remains food/trash -Washed the bus carts every night -Made sure to help with both dishwashers and busers and servers -Made sure to help with customers when needed

Company: The Dinner Bell: Steak & Fish

I worked there from 12/2019 until 8/2020

Front-End Associate

My job responsibilities were: -Managed cash registor and self-checkout machines -Put up returned products back on the shelves -Pushed carts when needed -Ran service desk when needed -Help in other departments when needed -Helped with customers when they had requests and general problems

Company: Walmart

I worked there from 9/2021 until 7/2022