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About Me

Hi, my name is Daniyal. I'm an undergraduate 2nd year student at LUMS, in Lahore, Pakistan, and I've been a successful freelance writer for over 4 years. I've written remotely for companies such as Anmol, Tomedes, Kidadle, the Urban Writers, and more, and freelanced on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr, the former in which I  recently attained my level 2 status. I am passionate about current world affairs, technology, and business, and have written for a variety of topics ranging all the way from NFTS to medicine to sci-fi. Aside from writing, I programme math solutions on photomath, occasionally hit the gym, and listen to music. On the weekends, I spend my free time writing for my blog which I monetized a few years back as part of my affiliate marketing campaign. For my marketing side hustles, I write content for lead magnets, and white pages, and create affiliate funnels on my social media accounts, to market products from clickbank, shopify, and amazon.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Strawberry Fields eco-lodge

A group of UN members stationed at strawberry fields eco-lodge launch a Lorena stove at Konso, Ethiopia, a small rural town in Addis Ababa, South Africa. More information can be found here https://greenwarriorpermaculture.wordpress.com/ The stove is built after the need for a new and developed one arises in the kitchen, to churn out food at a quicker pace with lower fuel consumption. The Lorena stove, which will save 90 per cent of the firewood used in cooking ‘campfire method', is a type of smo


Cirriculum creation-K2/Alevel/AP math

A article I wrote for a paid internship this past month for a school in california, USA (remote). The articles I write were based on life skills and personal grooming of the students.


Twitter advanced search marketing

Explanation on how to use advanced search in Twitter for marketing


How to Watch UFC 263

A guide on how to watch the UFC pay-per-view card live and on TV



Digital marketer

I created company blog posts, and wrote articles informing readers of digital marketing tactics such as twitter search end optimization, software usage in business analytics, graphic designing for advertisements, organic traffic generation, creating affiliate funnels and more.

Company: The Audienz - SEO, traffic, and digital marketing agency (based in Portugal)

I worked there from 2/2021 until 7/2021

Children's Story writer

I wrote informative articles, that were engaging to a childs mind using relatable everyday humour, and a easily-understandable prose. Many of my articles such as "why cats love milk" and the "settle woodland park zoo" were later made into staples of the Kidalde magazine.

Company: Kidadle

I worked there from 10/2020 until 1/2021

Ghost Writer

I wrote a multitude of horror and sci-fi stories, ranging from grotesque creepypasta-esque tales, to horror-comedy, the latter which recieved much praise from most of my clients.

Company: The Urban Writers

I worked there from 8/2020 until 10/2020

Content Writer

I proofread translated articles, and created original content such as blog posts, and white pages to pitch for a variety of high-end firms and clients globally.

Company: Tomedes LTD

I worked there from 10/2019 until 1/2020

Social Media Marketer

I created posts on LinkedIn and Twitter regarding Web3 technology, NFTs, and artificial intelligence. Most of my work revolved around replying to posts, and creating original content that was both amicable and humorous, yet informative.

Company: Anmol

I worked there from 1/2019 until 8/2019


I wrote articles for a variety of clients, particularly in the business and finance field, using search engine optimization and wordpress.

Company: Upwork and Fiverr

I worked there from 4/2021 until now

Languages I Write In

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