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About Me

In 2020, I graduated from TOBB University, history department with the 1st rank. I attended various seminars during my university education. I did internships in different institutions 3 times, each for 3 months. During my internships, I did research on different subjects and prepared reports. I also wrote more than 30 academic articles during my university life. I have degrees in various story competitions. I won a degree in social sciences in project competitions. Apart from these, I have theater education. I am versatile, dynamic and self-developing person. After university, I carried out entrepreneurial activities at GARAJ within TOBB to start my own business. I took part in research, content production and management in our business where we want to develop a cultural tourism application. Later on, I worked as a business development specialist in Arabamon company with a short-term agreement. As of February 2022, I worked at Halk Enerji on a project basis with a 3-month agreement. I took an active part in project writing and content production.

Industries I Write About


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Find writers and ideas in this industry


Corporate Communications Specialist

I am working especially research and development about incubation programme, ventures and virtual office spaces. I have written a dictionary about enterpreurship for web site. Also I write some writings and make planning about social media. I took in an active role in project writing for Ankara Development Agency.

Company: Halk Enerji

I worked there from 2/2022 until 5/2022

Business Development Specialist

SEO compatible blog writing for the internet startup Arabamon.com and Arabamiyika.com Creating content by following trends and historical data suitable for the target audience Reporting of various researches Content planning

Company: Arabamon

I worked there from 9/2021 until 12/2021

My own business

Cultural and historical studies unit manager R&D studies Content production and selection Content writing for social media Blog writing compatible SEO Text writing Game script writing

Company: Saye Ark

I worked there from 1/2021 until 9/2021