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Brand-focused content writer and SEO specialist

About Me

Wynn is an experienced content writer offering fixed-fee freelance blog writing services.

8+ years leading brand and content at tech companies pre and post-IPO (and growing her own eCommerce brand by night) has made one thing clear:

Your brand isn't what your content says it is. It's what your audience says it is after seeing your content.

But as the volume of content online waxes, attention spans wane. And brands navel-gaze in an echo chamber.

So, Wynn writes content engineered to resonate with your specific audience, taking time to understand exactly who you're speaking to before writing a single word.

Whether she’s crafting an article to get you ranking for that one keyword cluster you can't seem to crack — or editorializing thought leadership research to build industry-wide authority for your brand — Wynn finds the words that turn site visitors into customers and customers into advocates for life.

For recent examples of copywriting for her own brand, check out @cyb3rw3nch on Instagram :) Other than that, she can be reached at wynnamustin@gmail.com.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Writing Portfolio

A living index of writing samples spanning topics like eCommerce, product development, DIY, technology, general interest, and so on —


Why Trustworthy Brands Will Win the Holiday Shopping Rush

A guest post written for BigCommerce covering eCommerce tips and trick leading up to peak shopping season.


Buyer Beware: Shoppers Waste Millions on Beauty + Wellness Products

This article was written as a general interest piece unpacking consumer insights research about the beauty and wellness industry.



Head of Brand

• Champion of the Trustpilot brand across departments, overseeing copy and messaging for all audiences • Responsible for articulating and documenting nuanced changes to the brand and creating tailored guides, reference docs, etc. for stakeholders from Product, to UX, to Customer Success, to Sales • Owns the Trustpilot Brand Hub, ensuring that the resources therein are maintained and improved based on site analytics and usage data

Company: Trustpilot

I worked there from 1/2022 until now

Head of Content

• Developed and oversaw execution of holistic B2C2B content strategy, working closely with Product Marketing to communicate our value proposition to businesses of all shapes and sizes • Led copywriting and brand implementation across every digital touchpoint, from the homepage and features pages, to digital ads, to social media copy, and advising on UX and UI copy as needed

Company: Trustpilot

I worked there from 1/2021 until 1/2022

Global Content Marketing Manager

•Conducted deep SEO audit, identifying and remedying 3 major areas that led to an 80% growth in traffic YoY and a high impact SEO strategy that redefined product benefits messaging within first 3 months • Contributed 4 blog articles per month (industry thought leadership, practical guides, marketing advice, and customer case studies)

Company: Trustpilot

I worked there from 1/2019 until 1/2021

Content Marketing Manager

• Led copywriting for marketing materials, product UX / UI for Shopify apps, always embracing new challenges and hats to wear in the role • Used Moz and Keyword Planner for ongoing blog content SEO optimization, growing blog traffic 110% from 2017-2018 • Wrote long and short form content aligning to sales goals, major product announcements, and pivots into new industries

Company: Voodoo Manufacturing

I worked there from 10/2017 until 1/2019

Content I Write