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Qin Jin charged money into his mobile phone number, printed his call record of the month, and found the overseas call, because the government stipulated that only the relatives of the person concerned could collect the body, and they hoped that his relatives could help. But on the other side of the phone, the man just said coldly, "He deserves it. We have broken off relations with him long ago." Qin repeatedly explained that he just needed to come forward and that all the expenses could be borne, but the other side just refused coldly. Think of the mother, why the same person, the same is their own flesh and blood, there will be people so cold-blooded. Because everyone was not in the mood, he and Han got together in the restaurant on the sixth floor of the hotel. No appetite, Qin Jin also did not reluctantly, help a tremella soup. Cold is still a cold black clothes, occasionally light up the process of solving the case, outdoor ficus tree ,faux grass wall, for people, like listening to the police and bandits like a small adventure. In fact, I used to doubt it. "His eyes actually looked at it. He drank all the wine in the cuper had a case. It can take four years. But he didn't trust him, and Meng Fei confided in him. "He laughed at himself and looked out of the window, as if he had seen the boundless void:" I haven't been ao ask for leave in the future. When the days return to calm,outdoor ficus tree, everything is still the same, leaving only memories and eternal thoughts of those who have passed away. As expected, the matter between me and Qin Jin was strongly opposed by the overlord and the queen mother. Qin Jin always held me in his arms and told me that he would solve it. I looked at the wrinkling of his eyebrows. He was also very tired these days. hacartificialtree.com