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Just then, Shen Xinghai came in from outside the yard. To cut near,what handle in the hands of Shen Xinghai? What about being obedient? "Young Master." Just then, a boy came to report to Shen Xinghai,Inflatable outdoor park, "Hao Jinfeng, the gold medal God, is asking for an interview outside." Shen Xinghai came to his senses and said to Xue Beifan, "I'm going to hold him off, and you can find a place to hide." Xue Beifan nodded. Shen Xinghai looked at Lou Xiaoyue again, as well as the oil-paper bag and the golden sore medicine on the table, and something seemed to flash through his eyes, was it pity or displeasure? Anyway,inflatable castle with slide, Lou Xiaoyue lowered her head and didn't see it, but the knife showed some clues. Lou Xiaoyue will put on a mask and go with her. Shen Xinghai said in a low voice, "You don't have to follow me todaoyue looked at Xue Beifan in surprise, that look in her eyes, she believed what the knife said! "I didn't." Xue Beifan did not have time to explain, the knife has pulled Xiaoyue away. Xue Beifan sighed, followed, ready to help two people to pay the bill. Out of the door did not walk a few steps, Inflatable mechanical bull ,inflatable amusement park, Xue Beifan to the side of two people together, "knife ah." "Don't call me that. I'm not familiar with you." "When shall we leave, Knife?" Xiaodao just wanted to vent his anger on Xiaoyue on impulse, but now he remembered something serious! "Jiuzhu Longtan is the nearest from here. How about leaving tomorrow?" "No!" Knife hid behind Xiawolf rushed over." "You are the wolf, the big lady-killer." Knife with chopsticks and other dishes, said to Xiaoyue,Inflatable water park on lake, "Xiaoyue, Shen Xinghai is not here, take down the mask?" Xiaoyue shook her head. "Young Lord told us to wear masks where there are many people." "Why?" "It's the rules." 。 joyshineinflatables.com