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Freelance Writer, Author and Content Creator

About Me

I'm an author and YouTuber with a great passion for writing, books, history and art. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Lund in Sweden. Aside from this, my previous working experience includes customer service, administration and back office.

Below I will give a concise description of my writing experience and what type of jobs I would be a good fit for.

Fiction Writing

My debut novel, Leaves of Holly, was released in 2021, and I'm currently working on my second novel, Garden of Silver, for a 2023 release. Both are Fantasy novels aimed towards Young Adults.

Script Writing & Reviews

I've been making content for YouTube since 2018, mostly focusing on long-format book reviews, as well as the occasional movie review. You could say that my videos are a form of podcasts with creative and aesthetic video presentations. All my videos are carefully scripted to be both informative and entertaining, and I always write my descriptions and tags with SEO in mind. 

Both forms of writing have given me a lot of experience in editing and proofreading. I have also done critique work for other writers which is another form of experience in this regard.

Social Media

After having had several blogs over the years, I have now moved on to social media, especially Instagram. I use captions to write blog-like posts about my life as an author and YouTuber.

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

Social Media Post 1

Instagram post of 130 words, includes a snippet from my first book as well as a character description.


Social Media Post 2

Instagram post of 147 words, includes a snippet from my book as well as a location description.



Self-Employed Author and Content Creator

Working from home writing books and videos for my YouTube channel.

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