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About Me

I am 22 and might as well have come out of the womb reading and writing. They are probably close to my favorite things to do. I went to school to be a journalist but after only a semester found it wasn't for me as there were too many different restrictions and rules I felt needed to be followed that I didn't necessarily agree with. I have written, read, and proofread just about any type of paper; speech, research, medical, story/book (fiction and nonfiction), college paper, etc. Thank you for this opportunity and for looking at my profile. I really hope you choose me, but if not then I hope you find the person right for you. 

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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Pop Culture

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My Writing Samples

Nutritional Blog

I have researched, edited, written, and put pictures to each of these posts other than the About Us post.




Walk door to door 2 days a week selling water softeners and work in the shop 3 days a week putting parts together.

Company: Earthwise Water Technologies

I worked there from 3/2019 until now

Blog/Social Media Writer

I write and schedule all of the blog and social media posts for the company. I also research anything as needed for the company. We are still working on getting completely off the ground so I am currently not posting or writing anything but I have included a link to the blog below in my samples so please go and check out my previous work.

Company: Nirvana Natural Health

I worked there from 4/2022 until now

Content I Write