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About Me

In conjunction with an extensive 20+ year career in digital marketing, I have also been a contract content writer. With my strong understanding of SEO and digital marketing strategies, as well as a robust knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, I have been producing quality content for a diverse assortment of clients across the globe for over 15 years. Aside from digital marketing, my additional areas of expertise include cybersecurity, food, health and wellness, real estate, and personal finance.

However, I am also quite capable of researching subjects I am not as familiar with and crafting well-researched and informative articles that resonate with your audience. I have formed many long-term working relationships with clients such as BlackCloak, a cybersecurity firm, Umami Insider, a Japanese food blog and e-commerce site, and Cadesign Form, a CGI agency.

I look forward to lending my expertise, knowledge, and wordsmith skills to your projects and forming more lasting relationships.

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Real Estate

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Providing a Powerful Digital Experience with Branded Content

For far too long, brands have spent ample time and resources creating content simply for the purpose of attracting potential customers and clients. Put simply: deliver a great digital experience every step of the way, and you significantly increase your chances of success. So how do you do it? With branded content marketing.


How to Start Investing in Real Estate

Today it seems as though everyone is investing in real estate. There seems to be an endless multitude of shows on HGTV and other networks depicting ordinary individuals or couples purchasing multiple properties. And chances are you know at least one person who owns a rental property of their own. Perhaps you’ve also wondered how to start investing in real estate but weren’t sure where to begin. Consider this step-by-step guide to learn how to start investing in real estate.


Why is customer experience important for a business?

Today’s consumers want more than just competitive prices for the products or services they purchase. They want a rewarding customer experience as well, and if they don’t get it from one company, they’ll go to another. And if your industry or market is especially competitive, delivering a great customer experience can mean the difference between gaining or losing a strong loyal customer.



Contract Content Writer

Provided high-quality content, including blog posts, website content, e-books, whitepapers, and informative articles for a wide range of clients belonging to a variety of industries.

Company: Scripted

I worked there from 10/2014 until now

Content I Write