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Project Manager / Data / Business Analyst

About Me

A highly motivated and result-driven person with strong analytical skills and passionate about Data, Business and Arts. 15 years of experience managing business, products, projects, teams, and helping companies to grow with creative problem-solving expertise, ethics and loyalty. Born and raised in Brazil, now living in California to pursue a Master's Degree in Business Analytics. 

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The Ford Motor Company. Past, Present and Future.

The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century were transformative in world transportation and global mobility. Henry Ford founded his company, named after him, and revolutionized the automotive industry with his new production methods. The assembly line was adapted and improved, giving his new company a huge competitive advantage. The demand for automobiles increased year after year, and due to its methodology, Ford was able to reduce the price of its Model T from $850 in 190


Is Public Funding for Arts and Culture spent or investment?

Not even people who disagree with incentive policies deny that art plays an important social role in a culture and know that these actions are fundamental to the formation of the identity of a society. The point, for these people, is that this money should not come from the already demanded public reserves, but from private agents, which justifies an austerity in government spending. There are several examples from around the world and throughout history to deny that public funding of art is a


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Startup Companies

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are as important to a startup as the airplane instruments are important to a pilot. Without these indicators, it is impossible to plot routes, monitor, plan or execute a good and safe flight. Therefore, the business decision makers need them for both managerial and tactical reasons. In addition to helping with company’s strategies, performance indicators are essential for investors who are already part of the company as well as for those who could invest in...


The Reality of Indigenous Brazilians

The term “Indigenous Brazilians” is a wide term, as they refer to groups that at other times lived in the southern region of the Atlantic Forest, such as the “Guarani”, and in the interior and coast, such as the “Pataxó” and “Tupinambá”. Indigenous groups can differ according to the level of contact with non-native civilizations. They can be considered as isolated (rare and accidental contacts), intermittent contact (permanent contact with non-natives) and integrated (speak Portuguese or work i


Leica Camera: A “Boutique” Firm Faces A World of Change

The Leica originated in the early 20th century by the German microscope builder Ernst Leitz GmbH. Before handheld models, still cameras were large, expensive and heavy equipment that required a tripod for use. The image was printed on glass covered with silver bromide, and the size of the result could not be changed. But in the 1920s Leica created its first mass-market handheld-sized camera, the Leica I model. It recorded the image onto a 35mm negative that could then be enlarged upon developme



M.B.A. Internship

Company: I.A.U. Los Angeles

I worked there from 7/2022 until now

Director of Technology

Company: Em3D

I worked there from 9/2007 until now

Data Analyst

Company: Compleo Investments

I worked there from 5/2018 until 9/2018

Director of Technology

Company: Cada Qual Colaborativa

I worked there from 1/2010 until 1/2012

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