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About Me

My name is Alice, a passionate and hardworking freelance writer with 4 years of experience as an article writer. I have excellent attention to detail and always seek clarification in a timely manner, when I don’t understand something.

I’m proficient in writing listicles, how-to articles, web pages, blog posts, and product reviews. I’m comfortable writing in any niche including family and lifestyle, travel, gaming, digital marketing, and finance. 

I understand how important research is, thus, I always conduct thorough research and ensure all articles have credible information. I write in a conversational way to engage readers, and ensure to use SEO best practices when writing.

I take feedback positively and don’t mind working with an editor. I’m open to start working immediately and look forward to learning more about your project needs. 

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Health & Wellness

Real Estate

My Writing Samples

Top 4 Incredible Ideas on How to Discipline a Toddler

Parenting is amazing! Imagine seeing your little one smile and giggle and give you little, sweet hugs! Adorable! But wait, they grow up, they hit the terrible two stage! You will find yourself screaming, irritable and you might resort to spanking. Many parents dread this period, but don't worry. Here are four incredible ways to discipline your toddler.


Top 3 Incredible Tips to Prevent Parenting Burnout

Many parents experience parent burnout. Irritable, anxious, emotionally distanced ,or lacking sleep. However, this doesn't make you a bad parent. You just need to know how to prevent this from happening.



Freelance Writer

I have been a freelance writer at Sherry Writes Agency for three years

Company: Sherry Writes

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