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Technical Writer

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I am David Fagbuyiro a Software engineer, and a Technical writer with Python and JavaScript Knowledge, passionate about helping the developers' community by sharing my knowledge through technical writing

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How to Build a Python Program to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is a well-known internet video streaming service. There are millions of videos in categories such as education, entertainment, and travel. You can quickly watch videos with a few mouse clicks, but downloading videos is difficult. But in a recent upgrade, YouTube now allows you to save videos in its download folder for offline viewing. Still, you are unable to save them locally. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Python code to download YouTube videos.


File Handling in Python – How to Create, Read, and Write to a File

In this tutorial, you will learn how to open a file, write to the file, and close it. You will also learn how to read from the file using Python. By the end of this tutorial, you should know the basics of how to use files in Python.



Knowing the kind of website best suits your needs is important. The functionality of your site can influence how you decide to construct one. In this article, we're going to explain the static vs. dynamic dispute. During this process, we'll go over crucial elements to take into account when determining what website is ideal for you.



In this tutorial, we will be going through what an array is and possible ways to add elements to an existing array in Python. There isn't a specific data type for an array in Python. A list, which has all the attributes of an array, can be used. To create an array of integers and floating-point numbers, you have to use the Python array module.


Introduction to COTI and the Trustchain

In this tutorial, learn more about COTI through focusing on how it works, its purpose, and its energy-efficient structure.


The Importance Of Security In Web 3.0

Introduction In this article, I will discuss Web 3.0, security in Web 3, and the importance of security in Web 3.0. What is security in Web 3.0? Security is a major concern for web3 applications. To understand the importance, the Web3 project is building security and privacy features such as authentication, authorization, and key management. In this talk, we will discuss how data from smart contracts can be secured to prevent unauthorized access and how smart contracts can be audited in order to



Technical Writer

Freelance technical writer

Company: Freecodecamp

I worked there from 5/2022 until now

Technical Writer

Freelance Technical Writer

Company: Strapi

I worked there from 8/2021 until now

Technical Author


Company: LogRocket

I worked there from 1/2022 until 6/2022

Technical Writer

Contract Writer

Company: Webiny

I worked there from 9/2022 until now

Technical Writer

Contract Technical Writer

Company: ContentLab

I worked there from 9/2022 until now

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