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Turn your brand into everyone’s honest friend, who gets sh#t done! | www.lauracreative.nl

About Me

On the Internet, you are the words that you post. You talk, therefore you are.

This is not a pitfall, but a strength. It's your superpower to define yourself. To put your best foot forward.

Turn your brand into everyone’s honest friend, who gets sh#t done!

Let me help you. I am Laura Petrescu. I love writing clear copy that sticks, so people can trust you and take one step closer - whether that means starting a discussion with you, buying something that adds value to their lives, or spreading the word.

I'm both empathetic and analytical, so the readers’ reaction is always top-of-mind in my writing. I aim to bring a sense of connection and trust through my tone of voice. I have developed a nuanced perspective on people’s natural emotions and reactions because of my studies in Psychology and my work in recruiting hard-to-find software developers.

First things first: I’d like to talk to you about your vision. Then, everything will flow smoothly:

What is it that you would like people to think about your brand?

👀What is it that you would like people to think about your brand?

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My Writing Samples

One candidate - Three different reviews - One decision to hire

An article giving insight into a commonly overlooked consultative approach of recruiters.


A candidate experience as smooth as butter

Here's my heart and soul into treating people kindly and empathetically, as recruiters. The article was published in the Tech Hiring Newsletter, 2020.


You have reached your destination: 2022

To be honest, the beginning of 2022 took me by surprise. I’d already gone through 26 of these New Year transitions, yet I was still taken aback every time.


The real Parisian charm

A long-form Instagram post about my insights from my Parisian culture immersion, which sparked conversations.


Product manager job @ Trengo

A job ad for Trengo's career website, which performed very well when it came to the quality of people it attracted and the engagement metrics.


Trengo's career web page

A complete rewrite of Trengo's career web page, to reflect the current culture at Trengo and our ambitious growth plans.



Freelance Copywriter

Social media posts + website copy + SEO blogs

Company: Laura Creative

I worked there from 11/2022 until now

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Global

Single-handedly hiring for hard-to-find roles, like staff Clojure engineers and senior DevOps Enablement engineers; + Project lead: company-wide quarterly newsletter, on behalf of the Talent team; benefits showcase for career pages; + Reply rate for inMail campaign, DevOps Enablement Engineers: 63% (industry standards: 30% = excellent).

Company: OneStudyTeam

I worked there from 3/ until now

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Reply rate to LinkedIn messages: always above 40%, usually 50%; + Average view time of job pages: 5 min (industry standards: 30 sec); + Rewrote Trengo’s career page to reflect our implicit values and attract targeted talent; + Hired senior engineers, product designers, an UX writer, a performance marketer, a marketing automation specialist, product owners, etc.

Company: Trengo

I worked there from 1/ until 2/2022

Technical Recruiter

Embedded recruitment for fast-growing tech start-ups and scale-ups: Hotelchamp, Polarsteps, Wehkamp, Asellion, Getaround, Media Distillery, Swipeguide; + Created the very start of analytics-based job pages, which helped us to understand the online behaviour of potential candidates and to adjust our content accordingly (at Polarsteps); + Created and polished employer brands that stand out and foster inclusion, via LinkedIn posts, career pages, email campaigns and internal communication

Company: LevelUp Ventures

I worked there from 8/2018 until 10/2020

HR & Recruitment Specialist

Implemented the external recruitment, selection and matching process for international remote professionals, from scratch, reporting directly to the founders.

Company: Flexpat

I worked there from 7/2017 until 6/2018

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Content I Write