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Experienced SEO Tech Writer

About Me

I have been writing SEO-optimized content for various companies (FANGORIA, Crayon, Milestone Electric, etc.) since 2019. Several articles of mine have made it to the first page of Google and routinely rank for high-volume keywords. 

In addition, I am an expert in writing technology articles so simple that a fifth-grader could understand them. Whether reviewing a SaaS product, contemplating a cloud service, or explaining AI, I can cut complex topics down to bite-sized servings and add a dash of personality. 

I will work with you to get a feel for the type of article you want and deliver the final product as soon as possible. 

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My Writing Samples

AWS, Azure, and Hybrid Cloud

As we evolve into a new era of digital transformation, businesses are dealing with so much data and information that it is essential to have a place to store it all. This location must also be accessible to all employees, both on and off-premises. Microsoft Azure describes the cloud, not as a physical entity but a vast network of remote servers around the globe that are hooked together and meant to operate as a single ecosystem. Storing data in the cloud has been the go-to for many businesses.


5 Steps to Optimize SaaS Applications and Lower IT Cost

The tech industry used to be a land of products, and whoever made the best hardware (or software) was king. The cloud has not only evolved how we live our lives but also the services sold by many companies. Cloud-based subscription software has become the default choice and successfully displaces on-premises-based deployments. Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a model where software is licensed on a subscription basis and centrally hosted.


The Do's and Don'ts of Cloud Migration and Optimization

Optimizing your cloud infrastructure can be a daunting task, especially since it is rarely as simple as migrating your current applications. As digital transformation becomes crucial for all businesses, the pace of cloud adoption continues to accelerate. The cloud enables companies to scale their computing needs as they grow and ensure operational success and satisfy evolving customer demands.


5 Questions to Ask When Deciding Between AWS or Azure

Microsft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the two cloud platforms dominating the industry today. According to Microsoft, more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure. While Amazon Web Services, or AWS, has been the number-one choice for billion-dollar companies like Netflix, Airbnb, and Adobe since modernizing their cloud infrastructure in 2006. You may be starting your cloud journey for the first time or reassessing your current infrastructure.



Omnicom Group

● Analyzes current search engine optimization (SEO) of the assigned website, including site structure, page structure, and internal linking structure; identifies and makes recommendations to optimize each area further. ● Recommends content revisions to improve SEO and increase website visibility; changes may include incorporating new keywords and improving link strategies. ● Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize content

Company: Senior SEO Specialist

I worked there from 3/2022 until now

Crayon Software Experts

● Revise and optimize dated content using information gathered in keyword / competitor research ● Write and deliver 5 engaging pieces of content weekly (articles, case studies, white papers, etc.) ● Increase sales and web traffic by utilizing organic search strategies and paid media on Google and LinkedIn ● Implement on-site optimization tactics related to page titles, URLs, redirects, internal link structures, and XML l sitemaps while developing the company’s SEO and content strategy

Company: Marketing Specialist, Content and SEO

I worked there from 9/2020 until 3/2022


● Work with copywriters and designers to ensure content is informative and appeals to the company brand standards while contributing to the company’s overall SEO ● Optimize on & off-page SEO to increase the organization’s ranking in Google and bring the website to the first page through keyword optimization, schema markup, and more

Company: SEO Coordinator

I worked there from 5/2019 until 4/2020

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