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Author, Strategist, and Content Creator with extensive experience creating, writing, and editing

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My climate economy website discussing financial shifts to meet the climate challenge


HubSpot Marketing Blog

Some of my writing work for HubSpot's Marketing blog


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Inbound Evangelist

Dedicated intrapreneur who built multiple programs and roles from white space: - Enlisted strategic authoritative voices to promote our mission - Frequent speaker and source for media and in-house content - Instigated internal communications, customer centricity, and DEI&B initiatives - Innovated and scaled strategy, partnerships, events, and demand generation solutions - Incorporated market intelligence and peer management skills for continuous improvement

Company: HubSpot

I worked there from 8/2011 until 7/2019


Climate Economy Evangelist - Demonstrate how we all earn, spend, save, and invest can fuel change Consulting (Head/VP Partnerships, Marketing, Events, Community, Content, and Strategy) - Collaborate and set strategic direction, enlisting key stakeholders to generate traction/exceed goals for all projects

Company: enough.co

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

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Writing Excellence Based on Experience and Passion

In my capacity as a marketing agency owner and HubSpot partner, and knowing Laura's work from her time at HubSpot writing on the marketing blog, working with influencers, and helping develop talks for INBOUND, I was excited to invite her to join nDash as a writer. Laura knows her stuff when it comes to digital business, and more recently, the climate economy. Her passion and expertise make her writing both easy to read and informative.

John McTigue, The Customer Journey Maestro