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Marketing Copywriter & Content Writer with a Passion for Branding and Blogging

About Me

As a freelance copywriter for 14+ years, I’ve produced a variety of web and print content, including blog posts, white papers, press releases, product descriptions, SEO keyword content, and creative fiction. Through my work for clients such as Staples, QuickBooks, Overstock, LA Times, and FreeLogoServices.com, I have learned to study the customer journey and choose the right brand voice and messaging to reach different audiences. 

Advanced language, writing, SEO, and research skills allow me to craft exceptional content on topics such as business, project management, communications, education, marketing, health, entertainment, hobbies, finance, travel, home and garden, SaaS, and technology. I live and breathe customer service because it's my job to speak the language of everyday consumers, understand their needs, and help business owners grow by highlighting their unique value proposition. My goal is to leave clients satisfied through clear communication, timely delivery of content, and accurate interpretation of each client's needs. Let me know how I can help you complete your next project.

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Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Rosalia, Article for Indie Arts & Entertainment Magazine

Blanc Magazine is an indie arts and culture publication that puts a spotlight on underrepresented voices. I was asked to research and write and article introducing international singer Rosalia just before the release of her first studio-backed album. The goal of the content is to provide an engaging background of the singer's unique journey to global stardom and tie in her musical choices with the issue theme of bootstrapping as a creative artist.


Landing Page Copy for Diagramming Software

As part of a feature update, the company needed a landing page to attract a new segment of customers to the product. The landing page sales copy is designed to draw traffic to an online diagramming software website by highlighting the benefits of data visualizations that automatically update when new data is added without the need to re-import information from spreadsheets.


Win Over Customers With These 7 Copywriting Tips

FreeLogoServices wanted to create a series of blog posts that empower small business owners to build their brand effectively at any budget. The goal of the content is to help entrepreneurs and freelancers write website copy that can engage an audience and drive conversions, helping to grow small businesses. The blog post offers actionable tips on how to sharpen copy, tailor it to an audience, and write with a specific call to action in mind.


25 Calorie-Cutting Hacks for a Healthier Breakfast

The client was developing a new women's health, lifestyle, and pop culture site and wanted me to write an article about how to eat better at breakfast. The Vocally brand is about uplifting women, not speaking down to them or pushing them to live up to unhealthy ideals. It was important to the client to speak to the Vocally audience with humor, irreverence, and support by weaving in light-hearted language and providing easy, actionable tips to make breakfast time a healthier meal.


How to Decorate Shelves

The client wanted to create library of interconnected home decorating content that would keep visitors on their site and lead to higher conversions. The goal of the content is to provide actionable decorating ideas people can run with and motivate customers to explore relevant products on the site.


User Persona Design for Market Research

Since template pages were a major source of traffic, the client wanted to refresh all of the template landing pages with SEO copy that describes the template's purpose and how to use it.


Chromebook Case Press Release

The goal of the content was to announce the release of the ZIP Chromebook case, a product specially designed for schools that were issuing computers to students. The press release presented the key features of the product and several reasons why its value was relevant to the growing market of schools that were transitioning to a fully online curriculum.


5 Top Time Management Methods from Experts

The project required me to research time management tips from experts and use them to provide actionable content for small business owners who are struggling to multitask. The goal of the client is to make the QuickBooks library a one-stop shop for self-employed people who are interested in refining their professional skills.



Freelance Copywriter

•Write career-oriented SEO blog posts to help readers choose the right careers and higher education programs

Company: Pepperland Marketing

I worked there from 8/2021 until now

Content Writer

•Wrote SaaS web copy, blogs, newsletters, email copy, display ads, templates and other branded content across marketing channels •Edited, managed, and SEO-audited product blogs

Company: Nulab

I worked there from 11/2021 until 11/2022

Copywriter, Content Writer

• Improve clients' Web visibility using SEO and branded marketing copy, • Help clients develop a successful content strategy with business websites, blog posts, landing pages, brochures, and more. • Compose original product descriptions for premier brands such as Staples, Overstock.com and Vistaprint • Research, write and edit Web-ready content, including conducting interviews when necessary

Company: SL Stewart Media

I worked there from 10/2008 until now

Content I Write